Sony: This Year We're Focused on PS5, But We're Also Figuring Out 'Interesting Stuff' for PSNow/Plus

Sony's Jim Ryan suggests the company is brainstorming 'interesting stuff' for PSNow and PS Plus that will get its own limelight.

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ccgr63d ago

Curious to see what they'll come up with

Imp0ssibl363d ago

They do need to improve their offering because right now it's not even comparable to XGP.

Thatgrammar63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I would argue that it is very comparable. Excluding first party titles, they both have a good selection of (and often the exact same) video games to stream and download. PSnow actually has more games on offer and they include their own games on the service as well, just like gamepass. The only difference is the fact that xbox exclusive games made by xbox studios are released day one on gamepass whereas playstation waits months before putting their games on PSnow. So they are very comparable with only one difference. Again, other than the first party games the services are pretty much the same since they often offer the exact same 3rd party games to download and play.

Lexreborn263d ago

I use both and the comparison is def more Equal then others attempt to spin. Thatgrammar broke it down great. If you use both services you learn quickly there isn't much difference. However the reality is PSNow is cheaper with more games and still people keep trying to say it's not comparable.

It's in some ways better 60 versus 180? 1000 games vs 200? people really need to start breaking this down more.

Silly gameAr63d ago

The only thing Gamepass has that's better than PS Now is better marketing.

ILostMyMind63d ago

You are very susceptible to propaganda.

andy8563d ago

Well it has better games on it, I'd say that makes it comparable. There's no point offering first party games day 1 with it if there are no new ones to get

Atticus_finch63d ago

It's okay if you like GP given that it is the only thing even worth mentioning for xbox. But no need to lie bro.

CaptainHenry91663d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It's just the way Microsoft market gamepass that gives them the advantage other than that they're very comparable

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MeteorPanda63d ago

cloud storage. so the 360gig physical edition can actually store games?

me unable to hook in a sd hd into the physical has made me skip this gen til a slim or some shit comes out. l can wait.

62d ago
RazzerRedux63d ago

Hopefully the move to Azure will improve the streaming service. It is horrible

LiViNgLeGaCY63d ago

Oh, good. So the reason it always quits streaming isn't JUST because of my internet? That's refreshing to hear. Lol.

Flewid63863d ago

I run Google Fiber and it's been near flawless for me.

RPGer63d ago

Yeah I have near 500mb connection and yet can't access streaming stuff unfortunately. But PS Now is for sure to be considered, when one can have access for ordering PS5.

RazzerRedux63d ago

Ok, but it isn't just about internet speed. My internet connection is very fast. Stadia works great. So does xCloud. PS Now is horrible. What that tells me is the data center is closer to you than it is to me. With the move to Azure, Sony is going to have access to a lot more data centers and hopefully it will improve for everyone.

Elda63d ago

I agree. Streaming in 720p only is for the birds.

RazzerRedux63d ago

It really does. And I'm not one to talk about downvotes and I'm not going to complain about them, but I'm genuinely curious here. You think the people downvoting just don't like the idea of Sony using Microsoft's cloud? Azure is clearly superior to whatever Sony is using at the moment. Why would anyone not want PS Now on a better cloud service? I don't care if it is Microsoft's or not. Why would I?

Geronosaur63d ago


Because Microshaft have a long history of shafting. They will probably find a way to screw Sony somehow.

Elda63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It doesn't matter to me if Sony uses Azure or not. All I would like for Sony to do is update their streaming capabilities to higher resolutions than 720p. In this day & age 1080p should be the lowest resolution on PS Now & 4k or close to 4k as the highest. If they did this I would probably use their service to revisit some classic PS2 & PS3 games.

Ratchet7563d ago

This is my biggest issue.
The ps2 and ps3 library is so just not good enough on psnow.
So many great games are missing.
If most ps2 games were available for download, PSNOW would be a bigger success imo.

Class_Viceroy62d ago

Bro, you’re worried about 4K streaming when these services can’t barely get cloud streaming steady at 720p!? I’ve tried Stadia, GeForce Now, currently subscribe to PS Now, and GamePass to use for X Cloud. It’s so hit and miss with ALL. I can be right next to my Gateway and I have 5G with 1Gig internet. Sometimes they run Great, other times the resolution takes a huge hit or Framerate tanks In my honest opinion, X Cloud has not impressed me so far. Sometimes I have to re-boot it 3x just to hit a quality resolution that’s not all blur. PS Now on PC while not perfect, I have never ran into this issue at least where I can’t even start a game.

That’s my situation anyway. I know an Ethernet cable fixes a lot of these problems, but I specifically like having the cloud services for the option to play on my laptop or Samsung Tablet. I would be ecstatic if these were running at 720P @ 60FPS with no connection issues over 5G WiFi

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Puty63d ago

Unlocking ps now for the rest of the world would be nice.

Stanjara63d ago

All they need to do is combine them together. That way they will have stronger sub audience and a positive response.

ABizzel163d ago

We'll likely be looking at a $15/mo. subscription if that happens, or $100 - $120/yr. That's fine for those who want it, as long as they also keep the options for PS+ and PSNow separate at $60/yr each.

Grave63d ago

Hopefully they're REALLY focused on making more PS5s lol.

SullysCigar63d ago

This - AND making me a PSVR2!

Freshnikes63d ago

Without all those cables, if they do that is day 1 for me

ABizzel163d ago (Edited 63d ago )


At best you're probably still going to have at least 1 Type-C cable to connect the headset to the console.

While there are wireless VR headsets they have their hardware built into them, and as a result, they can't match PS5 or mid to high-end PC specs, so they attach to PCs currently with a single type-C cable.

To go completely wireless we'll need a phenomenal streaming signal similar to how the Wii U streamed to the GamePad first instead of the TV, that way 1:1 motion still works flawlessly in the headset and with controllers to avoid latency and sickness. But a direct signal over Type-C is the much "safer" option as for as motion sickness goes, although tripping over the cable could be a hazard as well.

Freshnikes63d ago


See that will work give me 1 type c cable to plug in. I can even use the type c to charge it. Yea I’m in on that

SullysCigar63d ago

Some are saying the PS5 incorporating the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 may (in part) be to wirelessly communicate with the PSVR2. Personally, while I enjoy the freedom of wireless headsets like the Quest and Quest 2, I hate how weak they are.

Personally, I'd like to have the option to play physical games that aren't too heavy on the processor (Beat Saber, Box VR, Oh Shape, Crisis VRigade, etc.) wirelessly and the less physical 'powerhouse' games (Blood & Truth, Half Life: Alyx, Saints & Sinners, Resident Evil 7, etc.) connected via a single cable to benefit fully from the PS5's power.

Being able to tether if desired helps other headsets a great deal, so unless the wireless capabilities of the PS5 are even better than anticipated and somehow there are no losses, I'm willing to deal with one cable.

Now give me those next gen controllers from the patents lol!

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