New Street Fighter Leak Reveals More Info On SF6 and Final DLC For SFV

Street Fighter 6 is reportedly in development according to a rumor. There is a new leak of some of the models for SF6 and the final DLC fighter for SFV.

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bouzebbal54d ago

I really want a new rival schools..

darthv7253d ago

Capcom hasn't really touched Rival Schools / Project Justice in quite some time. Same with Power Stone so I agree that they should put a pin in SF for right now and do something with some of their other fighting franchises. Personally I'd love a new Darkstalkers or even something a tad more obscure like Cyberbots.

bouzebbal53d ago

Or... Capcom vs SNK.. I think kof is still the king of 2d fighters.

Ready4nxtgen53d ago

There are leaks of Power stone remake

darthv7253d ago

If you are a KoF fan, then let there be a SvC Chaos 2 seeing as there were two Capcom vs SNK already and only one from the SNK side.

CorndogBurglar54d ago

I swear if this one releases like SFV I won't get it. When that game launched it had a short, 6 ma5ch "story" mode for each fighter, a survival mode, and basic 1v1 matchmaking. No lobbies or rooms or any other online options. Thats. It.

And the lies about not releasing extra editions? We're on what, the 3rd special edition now? And saying you can unlock everything through gameplay without paying real money? Never mind the fact that you had to play an ungodly amount of matches to earn enough for 1 character, but what about all the other stuff? If you're saving everything for characters you aren't able to get anything else without spending 24 hours a day playing. Then, not even everything is unlockable through gameplay. So that was a lie too.

RickRoland54d ago

I agree. Mortal Kombat has surpassed street fighter for my fighting itch. Capcom has alot of work to do for SF6.

Vandamme2154d ago

Mortal kombat 11 was boring as hell. The story mode was the only good thing about it lol.

BenRC0153d ago

Pretty much a mobile gaming model

VTKC53d ago

Oh but they will. You can count on it. It gets people to pay again and again.

CorndogBurglar53d ago

Unfortunately I know you're right.

Vandamme2154d ago

I can’t wait for street fighter 6

Father__Merrin54d ago

Sfv was boring sf4 was better apart from final boss what a frustrating mess

AnotherGamer54d ago

Surprised they haven't caught the leakers yet.

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