Rumble company admits to Sony negotiations

In a report by GameDaily Biz, Canadian company SplitFish GameWare Inc. has admitted to initiating discussions with Sony over its new SensorFX technology, according to the company's president, Ken Tetterington. The company maintains that its new dynamic force feedback system would operate successfully without interfering with the motion and directional sensor technologies found in consoles such as the PS3's SIXAXIS controller.

Yet in an earlier report, Sony spokesman Dave Karraker denied being in contact with SplitFish, and furthermore, stated that Sony has no immediate plans to implement any sort of rumble function into the PS3's controller.

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Shadow Flare4908d ago

They've probably told splitfish that they are interested because this technology is exactly what the sixaxis needs. However they might have told them to hang on a little bit. Sony needs to be careful with its money as of now and the rumble feature is more of a consumer want then a need. Sony currently needs to spend money on more neccesary things (like keeping exclusives per say). But when the ps3 situation stabilises for sony, i cant see why they wouldnt implement the design. Its something sony would want

no_more_heroes4908d ago

though the controller may feel a little dead without it, I guess it's not absolutely needed, at least not right now, though games like Motorstorm are in desparate need of rumble and not the crappy motion sensing controls that I experienced with the demo.

bigmack4908d ago

it will get the rumble feature.

Torch4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

I must be the only one in the world who really doesn't care whether a gamepad's got rumble or not. To be quite honest, once I'm into the game, I don't even notice a gamepad's miniscule rumble anyway.

Force-feedback steering wheels - That to me is REAL force-feedback. Not the kind of stuff they put into today's "rumble" gamepads, which is more closely remeniscent of an electric razor.

peksi4907d ago

You are not the only one. I have always thought that the only places you need force feedback is racing wheels and joysticks - only when playing flight sims.

Don't understand what joy does a vibrating toy-like controller bring to anyone. Thumb massage?

Quisp4908d ago

I don't really find Rumble in hand controllers all that important. However, where Rumble and MUCH moreso ForceFeedback ARE important (if not critical) would be with the high-end steering wheels like Logitech DFP and G25. WIthout FF those wheels are useless. Rumble in racing sims adds a lot too.

sa739174908d ago

Sony's controller doesn't have feedback (because of their lawsuit with immersion) but as far as I'm aware they've never said third party controllers/wheels can't have it.. Nor have they ruled out adding it to the sixaxis in the future...

From a development point of view there may not be anything in the Sony development kit to allow developer's to cause rumble in the sixaxis but I'd imagine that the libraries to interact with a wheel are probably built by its manufacturer so I'm sure they'll be there... Guess we'll see when GT and its wheel arrives..

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