Black Ops Cold War Sniper Buff Incoming, Buff or Nerf Decisions Influenced by TTK

If you're a sniper in the game, you'll be glad to know that a Black Ops Cold War sniper buff is incoming! Nerf & buff decisions influenced by TTK.

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Interloper65d ago

The game's already plagued by quick scopers. xD

FPSFox64d ago

The fact that flinch in this game is purely visual and has no affect on your aim is criminal. Snipers can be cross map getting shot in the chest and pop you like it's nothing. The fact that the class is getting a buff is a joke.

Interloper63d ago

I definitely agree with you. I think you should be kicked out of scoping in when you're hit twice or three times at least...

64d ago
JustTheFax64d ago

Good, I can't stand the snipers in the desert level

jukins64d ago

BUFF not a nerf. But its crazy how people basically use it as a long range shotgun. I hate it here!!!

ITPython64d ago

Yeah, a 0ms TTK for snipers just isn't fast enough.


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