From Gaming Mice to Controllers, Awesome Gaming Gifts On Sale Right Now

COG writes: We all have friends and family who are avid gamers and one of the hardest things to consider at this time of year is what to buy them! With that in mind, we here at COGconnected have decided to compile a list of gaming accessories that would be perfect to gift a gamer!

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Going to say it again, the Glorious Model D is one of the top mice out there as well:
After many years of Razer Deathadders and have the rubber side grips always come off within a year of use I'm done with all Razer products for good. The Model D is almost the exact same shape and feel as the Deathadder maybe just a few mm shorter. The best part, no rubber side grip crap to fall off lol :D Plus no shitty razer synapse software either.