I wasn't done with the PS4, but with the arrival of the PS5, that's alright

Aernout from Wccftech writes: "I wasn't quite done with the PS4, but Sony's PS5 allows me to play those titles in the best possible way while having me hooked for next-gen."

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ArchangelMike802d ago

Great article, but I really don't think ppl need convincing. Backward compatibility is a game changer, and I'm so glad MS pushed the industry forward in that way. Hinestly if the PS5 wasn;t backward compatible, I would have stuck with the PS4 for alot longer. But as Jim Ryan said "when you buy a PS5, it comes with a PS4 included."

VER1ON801d ago

Thanks, appreciated. Although I do like Ryan's quote, there's so much more to it. It's no just BC, but these games run and look better than ever before.

purple101801d ago

and you get 20 of em' to start you off.

Retroman801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

Jim Ryan lied
Currently gamer's having Hard time playing PS4 games on their PS5 at launch their are 75 videos on YouTube proving Jimmy boy wrong. until Sony send a patch to fix the issue B/C is not happening. glad I'm still using my slim PS4..... maybe in June PS5 will be "Fully" backwards.

n1kki6801d ago

He also said they believe in generations. Jim Ryan simply says what he thinks people want to hear.

generic-user-name801d ago

PS4 didn't have BC and it managed fine. The importance of BC is vastly over exaggerated. Its a nice feature, especially at launch, but not at all vital.

The_Sage801d ago

Agreed, Mike, but... I don't think we can say that Microsoft pushed the industry forward with backward compatibility. Every PlayStation has been backward compatible except the PS4. They went was far as putting the PS2 chipset in the PS3 to be sure of full backward compatibility.

Just nit picking.

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Charal801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

Same here. Didn’t play a couple of PS4 exclusives yet, (TLOU 2, GoT, Medievil, Crash 4), waiting (desperately) to play them on a PS5.

PS5 BC level of quality is surprisingly good, at a level that some remakes should not be needed anymore.

Plus for people having external HDD for games install on PS4, the move on PS5 looks like almost plug and play.

Einhander1971801d ago

I wasn't still ain't, the bonus ps4 games run even better on ps5. The legacy lives on.

victorMaje801d ago

I can’t wait!
I’m so close (available at a shop near me) & yet so far (not buying from scalpers).
Enjoy! Looks like I’ll be replaying many titles when I get it :)

EazyC801d ago

Ha I thought I was done and then saw it was out of stock nationwide!

I would have pre-ordered had I known how outstanding the BC was going to be,!

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