Cyberpunk 2077's Dark Future May Be Getting Darker

COG writes: It's been a long time since 1988, when the source material for Cyberpunk 2077 was first published. Did something important get left behind in the 80's?

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mastershredder56d ago

Umm.. Johnny Silverhand does nor represent “artists” Give me a break. He totally represents the actor Keanu and a bigger audience to sell to by adding him in. What a load of pandering shi7. The ‘artists’ (typically more rebellious and political/anti-political than mr quiet, no-statement, non-artist Keanu would be), would see through that bs. Wtf?

Takwin56d ago

Someone really hurt you. I'm sorry. Game looks amazing and Keanu is getting the full endorsement of the creator of Cyberpunk.

ArchangelMike56d ago

You obviously completely miunderstood teh article. Jonny Silverhand is a character int eh Cyberpunk universe. He has a whole backstory in cyberpunk 2020 (that has absolutly nothing to do with Keanu Reeves), It's just part of the lore.

Jeese, do some reading up about Cyberpunk lore, you just made yourself look really dumb.

TheOptimist55d ago

Mastershredder got shredded

Pyrofire9555d ago

I honestly don't understand what you're saying. You should have proof read.

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Hikoran55d ago

Ummm.. Silverhand is a terrorist.. 😂