Godfall on PlayStation 5: The Next-Gen Tech Breakdown

Digital Foundry writes, "In this tech analysis, Tom Morgan breaks down the next-gen rendering features of Godfall - developed by Counterplay Games, published by Gearbox and a console launch exclusive for PlayStation 5. What separates this game from the more common cross-gen games and what do its quality and performance modes deliver?"

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Storm2359d ago

A beautiful game I would like to see on my PS5 and new TV, but would need to wait for a serious discount. Not enough content for full price IMO.

ABizzel159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It's actually decent, but yeah wait for a price drop or a Buy 2 Get 1 Free to come back. Just look at Watch Dogs, already half price at some retailers.

jukins59d ago

It actually has alot of content. Looks good the combat is engaging especially when you get skills unlocked and weapon swap. Its just all the in betweens the story, the traversing, etc is lacking. I used gamefly for it and happy I did lol

repsahj59d ago

wow after all that analysis, i want to play it already.

Nofamboyism59d ago

The game really is boring imo. Watched a friend play it on launch day, whilst i played demon souls which is absolutely fantastic

Damrock59d ago

Gameplay-wise, This looks like a mediocre F2P title.

Other than that it's just a very shiny game.


Its got great combat but the fact that it didn't ship with matchmaking is a serious mistake.

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