What to play after Demon's Souls Remake

Demon's Souls Remake is done. Alex and Mike are experiencing soulsborne withdrawal and are here to describe some recent entries in the genre to tide you over until Elden Ring. From the loot-based progression of Nioh 2, Gnostic worldbuilding of Mortal shell to the sci-fi horror of Hellpoint, join us for a jaunt through the best souslike games of 2020.

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Fist4achin54d ago

Hey, doesn't everyone have even a slight backlog with the way games have been released?! I have more to play than ever right now. Not complaining one bit.

GreenDragonCVR53d ago

Certainly have a massive backlog! But after dabbling in a few, the feeling dawns: nothing kicks like a soulslike. Trying to finish your average open-world action game after Souls is like having to drink lite beer after a peyote bender. Just a bit underwhelming.

Weapon_of_choice54d ago

Mortal shell is an awesome game, truly in the spirit of Souls games, even the controls 🤙

GreenDragonCVR53d ago

Excellent game forsure! Perhaps the truest successor of DS1 in terms of cadence and that chunky armored sensation of combat.

toddybad54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

How long does it take to reload after dying in the ps5 remake? That was the one thing that stopped me getting into Bloodborne - just couldn't cope with long delays between tries. If it's a couple of seconds it'll be much more playable. Is it that fast?

GreenDragonCVR53d ago

Oh yeah, load times are always under 5 seconds, I usually count 3. Messed around also with Nioh 2 on ps5, just the ps4 version playing backwards compatible, which loads likewise in under 5 seconds. Runs very well in the high framerate/variable resolution mode.