Astro is Becoming PlayStation's New Icon

Astro's Playroom isn't the first big game to feature the loveable robot, but it's a big step toward making him PlayStation's next big mascot.

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Relientk77926d ago

Good, he should be, and I want more Astro games!

SullysCigar925d ago

Definitely - and I implore anybody that hasn't yet played Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR to do so. One of the best VR games ever made, great fun and beautiful, sharp visuals.

It's also easily the best platformer I've played in years - and that's one of my fave genres!

roadkillers925d ago

I agree. If toy don't have the money, Target/Walmart lets you buy the product and return in 30 days if it is not what you wanted. Verify with then before purchasing.

VenomUK925d ago

I tell you, I've absolutely loved my time with Astro's Playroom. Fun, great music and an all-round feel good game. It's been a real joy.

mikeslemonade925d ago

Great game but you sony fans mistakenly think the controller is awesome.

lalalala925d ago

@mikelemonade - it's not about being a sony fan, it's called facts. The controller is genuinely the best I've ever used, and no doubt Microsoft will launch something similar within a year. The haptics and HD rumble is really cool

sinjonezp925d ago

It’s crazy I loaded up the game thinking this will just be a little fun demo for the controller but no this game is fun, so much so I got hooked and beat all the levels, and it really gets you into it. The way they set up the unlocks and that monkey suite portion of the game is super fun. The game has enemies, it’s like playing a 3D Mario esque game and I believe everyone should give it a try.

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TheScotsman925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

More astro because he's been good for the platform, psvr and astro was unbelievable and really made be work for me. And I. Enjoying the new ps5 astro to, haptics are great, will be nice if they redo astro bot rescue for ps5 and be with haptics for that total immersion

-Foxtrot926d ago

Kind of funny how Astro Bot looks like a PS5

Like the console is the mothership

VenomUK925d ago

Maybe Sony KNEW when they were launching the PS4?!

deleted925d ago

and PSVR colors. We should have seen the new colors coming. They've been establishing it for the last 7 years since the original Playroom at PS4 launch where Astrobot made his debut.

sinjonezp925d ago

Absolutely! Everyone please try it, it’s way more than a demo for the controller, decent platforming, enemies, bosses, good stuff in this. Also the suites Astro put on are really fun, definitely the monkey one. Lastly the song about the GPU is hilarious and good

Doge925d ago

Already platinumed it the same day I got the PS5. Same goes for Rescue Mission when it launched. I'm honestly super glad they included it with every PS5 and I hope they make more to fill that fun platforming goodness void that I missed from Sony.

Shiken925d ago

I will always see Kratos as the PS mascot. Astro does nothing for me.

jukins925d ago

Gotta agree there as an "older" gamer Kratos or Nathan Drake is more synonymous with playstation to me. That said im not against Astro bot being a mascot for everyone

ScootaKuH925d ago

Kratos doesn't have universal appeal though. He's a great character for sure, but he's not exactly endearing to children is he?

But the Astro version of Kratos as seen in Playroom. Now that would work

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