Valve says a growing number of people are playing Steam games with a controller

Cross the streams. Controller is much more comfortable

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DeadSilence1043d ago

Sony needs to allow DualSense Full Acess on Steam.

Vits1043d ago

Steam is just going to brute force it. They already made a lot of progress.
The main issue is developers actually implementing it's functions.

SullysCigar1042d ago

I thought I read they had it working wirelessly and have the haptics working now too?

If they can get the triggers running as well, it's the obvious choice for PC gamers that don't always want to opt for keyboard and mouse.

fr0sty1041d ago

I've always preferred a controller in PC games, even FPS games, where I do a hybrid approach of holding the controller in my left hand to control movement (pressing the analog in is my "`use/enter" button, L1 and L2 are crouch/jump, and I use the D pad to switch weapons, while holding the mouse in my right hand to aim. I've been playing that way since Unreal Tournament 2004.

Zhipp1041d ago

Have you tried using the Move Navigation controller in your left hand instead of a full sized one? That's what I do, and it's amazing. Paired with a decent gaming mouse I have enough buttons for any game imaginable.

Dudeson1041d ago

@fr0sty @Zhipp

There are also keyboard/joystick hybrids available, may be quite the gadget for you

Zhipp1041d ago

I've been keeping an eye on those things, but I haven't quite settled on one. There sure are a lot more options now than there were 7yrs ago.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

My main platform is pc and I use a controller for any game where I don’t need pin point accuracy of shooting. Generally controller is a more relaxed way of playing.

But for games like WoW, Destiny, battlefield and Diablo then I would use my keyboard/mouse.

I’m currently playing Valhalla and I’m using my controller. Tomorrow shadowlands launches so I’ll use keyboard an mouse.

My ps5 arrives Wednesday so I’m curious to see how the dual sense will fair on my pc.

Sophisticated_Chap1042d ago

That is the beauty of PC gaming. Use what you want whenever it suits you.

Fluke_Skywalker1041d ago

Same here, I use a controller for pretty much all single player stuff and m&k for online.
Controller just feels more immersive to me, and definitely more comfortable. But you can't argue against m&k for online or for certain genres.

CaptainHenry9161042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

If they implement the features I'll start using the DuelSense instead of my Xbox elite controller

SullysCigar1042d ago

A worthy upgrade - it's nice that PC gamers get so many options!

C-H-E-F1042d ago

Steam already added Dualsense support: https://store.steampowered.... I wonder if they can add haptic support and if the devs will include that in the PC games moving forward, since its already in the PS5 version of the game.

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1Victor1041d ago

@article headline
Whaaaaat the master race lowering themselves to mear toxic swamp people level 😱 🤯

nickanasty2061041d ago

It always boggles my mind how many down-votes happen when anything remotely positive about PC gaming is being discussed. SMH. I think it will be interesting going forward seeing how the Dual Sense is realized for PC. I think modders are really going to have a hayday here.

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FlyingFoxy1043d ago

Controllers are fine for many games, but i need my kb & mouse for anything like strategy, first person shooters, point and click, management/theme park style building games.

ABizzel11043d ago

More console gamers are starting to build PCs, and keyboard and mouse are just far too alien for them lol. That's why I suspect the controller use is increasing.

phoenixwing1042d ago

I switched to pc and the games I play are just more fun with a controller like rpgs aside from baldurs gate

XxINFERNUSxX1042d ago

Keyboard/Mouse for FPS games, good luck with using a controller in multi FPS games against keyboard/mouse players lol

Parasidious1041d ago

With how strong aim assists is in pretty much all crossplay games now, I disagree.

MadLad1041d ago

Aim assist sucks though.
I get using it to cut the disadvantage vs a m/kb, but I've always hated the feeling of it, and would turn it off when playing on console.

Father__Merrin1042d ago

I don't blame them. Controller is superior comfort and is suitable for long play with more games.

The only games that kb/m are suited is moba, rts and esport twitch shooter like csgo.

Google pc gaming and carpul tunnel

MadLad1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I googled what you said, and they recommended the correct spelling. On a serious note, as someone who plays on both, my wrist can start to ache after long playing sessions on keyboard, but my hands have locked to the form of the gamepad I was using, and can get sore as well.
Just like laying in a certain position in bed too long, it has negative effects on the body.

Two, add mmo's, many third-person shooters, and virtually every FPS to that list.

VariantAEC1040d ago

Which Gampad do you use?

MadLad1039d ago


Steam controller and Xbox One.

Inverno1041d ago

I'm sure for certain games mouse and keyboard is great, for me shooters have been most fun with gyro control, but controllers just feel more natural and comfortable. With motion controls making a comeback due to VR I'm really hoping devs start adding MOVE support with camera only again. It's nice seeing all kinds of controllers being made and becoming more accepted. They're pieces of tech that's been overlooked for too long