Sony’s Jim Ryan: Blockbuster Games Cost $100M+, Bringing New IP To Market Is “Very Risky"

Sony Jim Ryan has commented on the development cost of blockbuster games and how it is risky to release a new IP on a console.

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Jin_Sakai152d ago

Thankfully those risk have paid off. Just look at Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon: Zero Dawn

Nitrowolf2152d ago

Yep, and I know Days Gone got mixed reviews, but I loved that game and hope it gets a sequel

RaiderNation152d ago

It will. Despite the mixed reviews, the game did very well commercially. Im certain it will get a sequel, unless Bend decides to do another IP.

Kurisu152d ago

I bought Days Gone in a digital sale but I never got around to playing it. I've given my PS4 to my sister for now until I get a PS5 next year sometime, probably when Horizon Forbidden West comes out. I'll have so much to play as I've yet to play Ghosts or The Last of Us II, either.

Ausbo152d ago

Yeah I believe days gone sold really well. I remember it being high on the charts months later.
Even though it wasn’t received as well as other Sony games, I think it will definitely get a sequel.

spwittbold152d ago

I think they would given it's likely cheaper to build upon a current IP than develop a whole new one.

bouzebbal152d ago

Very risky, yet the manage to pull it off and nail it everytime..
Days Gone Tsushima Horizon The Order

152d ago
S2Killinit152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Days gone was one of the most fun games of the generation for me. Thats saying something considering how many greats we had.

TheCaptainKuchiki151d ago

Win some, loose some.
For every 5 Horizons, you'll get one Days Gone.
Doesn't mean you have to stop making Horizons just because you got one Days Gone.

mikeslemonade151d ago

That’s charge us $70 or even $80 please

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Kurisu152d ago

I can't wait to replay HZD on PS5. Only then will I be ready for Forbidden West. HZD looked great on my base PS4 at 1080p with HDR, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the game again at Pro settings on PS5 before playing the sequel.

Rude-ro152d ago

It is jaw dropping.
So many visual wow moments...
But that first time you progress into the night... just wow.

potatoseal152d ago

Sony are amazing. They let Guerilla Games go away from Shooters to make whatever they wanted, and they chose to make Horizon Zero Dawn. The rest is history. Sony take risks with their amazing game studios. MS never takes risks in game development and that showed the entirety of Xbox One generation. This gen? We'll see

Sitdown152d ago

"Never:? Sea of Thieves wasn't a risk? Don't know why people feel the need to speak in definitive terms. Scalebound was also also a risk, and one that didn't pan out as favorable to date.

sinspirit152d ago

A much simpler game with barebones content at launch despite a major studios development. Not really taking risks seriously. And, again. Scalebound was not taken seriously as they decided to can it because they thought it to be risky to go any further rather than salvage it. You're rewarding them without even releasing it? Lol.

Baza152d ago

Sea of thieves is your argument.. lol

neutralgamer1992152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


How's that a risk when it launched with next to no content and it got a pass because it was on gamepass. Quality wise ms has a lot of catching up to do when compared to sony and nintendo

Sitdown152d ago

Do you all even pay attention to what you post? You say the game had no content. How would that NOT be a risk, of spending money and releasing a game with little content, from a key developer that most of you all claim is not even a shell of its former self?

So if Scalebound was not being taken serious, you are saying Microsoft burned money just for the fun?

But somehow you ask think Sony took a risk by letting itd proven developers continued to do what they have been doing. You all are such a contradiction.

sinspirit151d ago


Lol.. You must trolling.

So they take risks by releasing unfinished games AND by canceling projects. Not by putting actual effort into a fully realized project with a great release? Sony spends years perfecting games and allowing their studios to adopt entirely new gameplay concepts. MS earns a participation trophy at best.

Critic4l_Strik3151d ago

Dude, Sea Of Thieves might be a fun game, but it is by no means a blockbuster game in the same league as Ghost of Tsushima or HZD.

Sitdown151d ago

Not a single person said Sea of Thieves was a blockbuster. This whole thread has nothing to do with blockbusters.

DOMination-151d ago

There's loads of examples of MS taking big risks:
Viva Pinata

Need I go on?

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Witchcraft152d ago

You have to admit, Sony are really taking risks. Just look at the diversity of genres this generation: you have Uncharted 4, a third person action/adventure game, Last of Us 2, a third person action/adventure game, Spider-man, an open-world third person action/adventure game, Horizon, an open-world third person action/adventure game, God of War 12, a third person action/adventure game and Assassin's Creed: Japan, an open-world third person action/adventure game.

MS is playing it safe with their FPS, TPS, strategy, racing, simulation and RPG games, not to mention Sea of Thieves, the safest game to make ever.

RickRoland152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The point is they all are VERY different with very compelling storylines and feature sets. You're implying Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us while both third person adventures are copies of one another......God of War and Uncharted are completely different games. Spider-Man is nothing like any of them.

I love how you separate FPS/TPS as if they're really different.....both can fall under "Action/Adventure" with a different camera angle but thats neither here nor there. Is Gears of War a TPS or an Action Adventure game? Just curious....

Other Games for PS5 that are already out or coming very soon:
Gran Turismo - Racing
Destruction AllStars - Multiplayer Battle Royale
Demon's Souls - RPG
Ratchet & Clank - Platformer
Sackboy - Platformer
Deathloop - FPS

Varying genres is important....but being the best at a couple genres is even better. If you're going to be the best at a single genre Action/Adventure is the one as it covers most peoples interest in the world. The same reason why people enjoy movies - Storytelling.

Witchcraft152d ago

Ok, since you are taking your corporation of choice so seriously, let me just explain the joke: the point is that Sony is very risk-averse, which makes sense given their situation as a company. This is why their big-budget games are mostly third-person action/adventure, built of tried-and-true blocks. They are not EXACTLY the same, but the principles are pretty copy-paste. Sure, the games are of high quality and I myself enjoy them, but it doesn't change the fact that Sony is playing things pretty safe with their game design.

neutralgamer1992152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


Really that's your argument? For xbox 360 they used the same 3-4 IP throughout the whole generation. With xbox one what risky games did they release which were great? You are listing game genre from the studios that's acquired ms have yet to release their games. As gamers we all want ms to do well and actually compete and release amazing games that are up for GOTY contention

It's also about creative freedom. Letting GG make an open world RPG going off the fact they had made FPS games for a while

Witchcraft152d ago

The whole generation was IMHO quite stale, nowhere near the 360/PS3 times. But Sea of Thieves was a risk, Flight Simulator was a risk, as was Gears Tactics. Crackdown 3 was a risk that didn't pay off, same with this weird Quantum Break in-game TV series, but that's the price of innovation.

Currently there's a big push towards RPGs, and I don't mean action games with skill trees, but 'true' role-playing games. Some of them are already out, like Wasteland 3, and a lot of them are under development. Letting Playground Games, a racing game studio, reboot Fable is a risk.

It's ok to like Sony 1st party games, but there's no denying that they are really focusing on the same set of Ubisoft tropes: 3rd person action, open world here, skill tree or crafting there, obligatory stealth mechanism, Ubi-towers.

thornintheside152d ago


Please don't put demon souls into the rpg genre,it's a completely different game than:Skyrim, Dragon Age, Witcher, Divinity OS 2

JustTheFax152d ago

Totally agree with your take and I realized this as I was playing through Horizon Zero Dawn, especially the ubi towers and stealth mechanism of hiding in the bushes. I swear every sony game I played had those. And also like you said, they were high quality and polished, but they all seemed like they had a checklist of things to include.

Tody_ZA151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Witchcraft, your comment is a strawman loaded with such ignorance it's a miracle you thought to post it.

God of War was a sequel that was a complete shift in every conceivable way from every game in the series prior, it was a massive risk which could have alienated the entire fanbase. Instead, it became one of the games of the generation.

Horizon, regardless of genre, is a new IP. That is the definition of risk. If a new IP is not a risk, then what the hell is? Guerrilla could have just kept on making more Killzones. They sell. But, new IP, successful enough to launch a new franchise.

Naughty Dog, instead of making more Uncharted games, made The Last Of Us. A "zombie" game at the end of a generation that killed the zombie genre, right before the launch of the new gen, and a total departure from their usual. Survival games were not for the masses back then. Risk.

Spider-Man, while not a risk, had a mountain to climb to be as good as it was. Hundreds of games, cash grabs, failures on its back. Ended up being good enough to start a new series.

Detroit, not a risk as it's an established developer and their style of game, but it surely adds to the diversity of the games on offer.

Dreams, new IP, niche concept, risk and diversity of game offering.

Ghosts of Tsushima. Call it Assassin's Creed Japan if you want, but again, rather than stick Sucker Punch with making more Infamous games after Second Son, and beating that horse to death, they got to make a new IP. Risk regardless of what you think, especially considering the money that goes into a new IP and the lack of guarantees.

Death Stranding, new IP, probably the riskiest game made this entire generation, regardless of having Kojima behind it.

Bloodborne, not a risk, but again a new IP and diversity of offering.

Shadow of the Colossus. You could argue there's risk in remaking a game from 2005 that most of your current audience probably don't even know about, but if you don't agree it's a risk, it still adds to the portfolio of games.

The Last Guardian. Big risk releasing this after so many years in development hell and being a cash sink. Could have landed up being another Duke Nukem Forever. Even if you want to shoot down the risk factor by saying it had a following and established developer, still a new IP and unique offering.

Days Gone...look another new IP.

The Order...look another new IP.

Knack...look another new IP.

Astro VR...look another new IP, rated one of the best platformers. game, diversity of portfolio.

Then to further add to the portfolio there's still your usual Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, Persona 5, etc etc...

Even if you still delude yourself with the idea that Sony doesn't take risks, they have one of the most diverse gaming portfolios on offer and launched multiple new IPs this generation with potential to become established franchises. It's fact at this point, no matter how you wish to strawman it.

The only point I'll give you in your favour is that Sony do have similarities between their games, in that they favour story heavy cinematic experiences...but to lob them in the same boat as Ubisoft is a ridiculous notion.

StoneyYoshi151d ago

So are we going to act like Dreams doesn't exist? How about Concrete Genie, Death Stranding? I'd say just these 3 games were pretty decent risks.

imtiyaz6151d ago

This is called alternative facts: yes Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, bloodborne, Unchartrd, God of war and Horizon plays exactly the same. A similar camera angle means the game is the same just like GTA and tomb raider are the exact same game. What kinda BS is this? If anything we’ve got more than enough FPS and tps games like Halo and Gears in the market. Almost every MS game is a shooter. That’s just pathetic.

ShadowWolf712151d ago

Also worth pointing out: Ghost of Tsushima was a MASSIVE risk. Not only was it something well out of Sucker Punch's wheelhouse, but it was a game set in Feudal Japan that strove for accuracy. Accuracy to the culture, to the period, the world. No anachronisms that were popular even in Japanese-produced games with the same setting, no over-the-top swordplay, using actual swordmasters to choreograph the fight scenes.. and then hoping that it not only sells here in the States but in Japan, without offending massive numbers of people.

And they pulled that off! Not only was the game loved in Japan, but the most offended people were those who live here, with no real connection to Japanese culture.

Now that is the definition of risk/reward.

WelkinCole151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Those MS games you mentioned were not risky games to make. They just suck ass games. No real risk or effort made. Just run off the mill gaas filler crap

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blackblades152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Expensive, people definitely shouldnt cry over the price increase.

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Blank152d ago

Because they clearly are so POOR! And they don’t include micro transactions, season, or battle passes in full priced games and make billions from said things. You should keep that mentality on being a fool with money, these corps love easy quiet fools like you not fighting back with your wallet wide open for that next piece of overpriced skin.

Silly gameAr152d ago

I think you're taking that frustration out on the wrong corp. You might need to direct that energy to the one that actually said they were going to adapt the GaaS model.

russo121152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I see this commentaries from Jim just to justify price increases. He's just being what he is, an executive trying to make more money with the same recipe, which is great for Sony but greedy. Sony has previously launched great exclusives without price hikes, but now due to economics, due to inflation, due to whatever you can think about, is a valid excuse to their goal. I cannot argue their decision because that's their business and they run it as they want, but don't think nor suppose people can't read between the lines.

Class_Viceroy152d ago

It is his job, and people need to quit acting like Executives are supposed to do anything different. Phil Spencer does the same thing just in a different style. He talks a great game, but has not delivered anything exciting to the video game industry in 7 years since he took over. And it took him a whole lot of cash just to wow anyone. Good job bro. I’ll be impressed when you release 3 very good new games that’s not Gears, Halo or Forza or any continuation of an IP that you bought.

These are for-profit businesses people. Can we all just move on? They made the decision, you can either choose to buy them, or not. None of you are entitled to these games, or their prices. And you can make a point with your purchasing decision. If you’re that upset, Dont buy any $70 game for a couple years. If there are that many of you out there, Sony will be hurting in there sales revenue.

Video games still provide the best bang for your buck in terms of entertainment. Most of Sony’s games are 15-30 hours of quality story, gameplay and graphics. That’s $2-5/hour of entertainment at $70. Better than the film industry outside of $5 matinees (which every area doesn’t have), sitting down at a good restaurant, golfing, etc...

battletrax152d ago

I wouldn't spend 100 million dollars developing an art piece or new product over years. Only to sell it for $60 and a risk it won't make back the cash spent.

I'll get down voted for this but games are cheap considering how much money it costs to make.

If its too much wait for price drops a few months later.

Imalwaysright152d ago

People should stop bending over to these companies and shouldn't listen to what corporate mouthpieces have to say because well...

When will gamers realize that the gaming industry is an absolute anti-consumer joke and that they shouldn't ever listen to what the people that are part of it have to say?

SmokinAces152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

So they made a lot of money becasue people love and buy their games whats that got to do with the fact these games cost a lot of money to make as he is saying?

Imalwaysright152d ago

Yes they made a lot of money and still you can see some chumps defending the decisions these companies make like the one I replied to.

Blank152d ago

What got me was your blanket statement, so I responded in a blanket matter. I appreciate those people that “cry” over the price increase. Why would you spend time suppressing them? I can safely bet that you must’ve made at least a single purchase on a game that went on sale physical or digital.

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purple101152d ago

straight after that comment, he said - we are committed to these types of games and have seen massive growth in this area.

just incase anyone was worried.

spwittbold152d ago

I'd like to see a full general analysis of what break even in terms of sales is along with the required IRR they both utilize to move forward with big projects like this.