Sony says VRR support for PS5 games will come via firmware

Sony has updated the PlayStation 5 definitive FAQ with information that the PlayStation 5 will support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) in the future.

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Jin_Sakai14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Great to hear! Hopefully soon. Would really help with games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Ratchet7514d ago

I'm pretty sure the version with massive screen tearing issues is not the ps5.

SullysCigar14d ago

Exactly! This will only improve things even further.

Another tick! ✅

Babadook714d ago (Edited 14d ago )

This is great. A feature like this can (for a supporting TV) take a game that performs horrible and make it look fine. (See the XSX version of Valhalla where Sony enjoys a 20% advantage) If Sony ever looses by that same degree down the road (hypothetical) they would only be lower in FPS but with no stutter it would barely be noticeable visually.

Jin_Sakai14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

“I'm pretty sure the version with massive screen tearing issues is not the ps5.”

Correct, but it still tears quite a lot in certain areas when there’s a lot of action.

someone7214d ago

Ive been playing valhalla on series x on a 65” oled and havnt noticed any screen tearing.

Doesnt mean its not there, but youd really have to go looking for it. Game looks and plays amazing.

Jin_Sakai14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

“Ive been playing valhalla on series x on a 65” oled and havnt noticed any screen tearing.”

Skip to 8:10. Definitely screen tearing happening.

Zeref14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

VRR fixes the screen tearing though. So with VRR it's actually smoother than the PS5 version.

I'm sure it will get patched for those that don't have VRR though

porkChop14d ago

If you enable VRR you don't get screen tearing, and sudden changes in framerate aren't nearly as noticeable. It's good that Sony is adding it.

CannOfPoo14d ago

@Ratchet75 😂😂 Ohhhh you bitch, right in the feels 😂😂

mikeslemonade13d ago

My LG CX is coming Monday and it supports VRR

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blackblades14d ago

If you have the tv thats supports it.

Eidolon14d ago

My C7 OLED doesn't :(. But it's still got a few years left, maybe I'll make it a living room TV. idk. Depends how much VRR really improves the experience.

BenRC0114d ago

My q9 does but its nothing to get excited about.

Emeraldu14d ago

VRR is not quite as good as a G-sync Ultimate or Freesync Premium Pro.

I have a Samsung QLED TV with VRR @ 120Hz and Gaming monitor with Freesync Premium Pro @165 Hz and I can tell the difference.
VRR is still ok but not perfect. Tearing still occurs in AC: Valhalla when using VRR

RevXM13d ago

I have a 7 series Oled too. its got life left in it so not swapping anytime soon, but yes VRR is going to make a nice difference with some games at least that cant quite lock the framerate,
If you are really really sensitive you still might feel it the controls that the frametime is scaling. but still it will be a whole lot smoother.

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SyntheticForm14d ago

I've only noticed a little tearing in Valhalla on PS5 and oddly it was during a cutscene. It's been performing very well for me. Buttery smooth.

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IRetrouk14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Said this along with plenty of others last week or so, they had already confirmed support would happen.🤷‍♂️

Bathyj14d ago

Didn't we know this? Another imaginary advantage vanished.

mandf14d ago

Straws and more straws bathyj. They will move to more chilling for gamepass until they find more straws.

Fishy Fingers14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Imaginary advantage receiving an offical non imaginary firmware update to add support?

14d ago
Bathyj14d ago

It's not an advantage if they both have it is my point.

Rhythmattic14d ago

"Imaginary advantage receiving an offical non imaginary firmware update to add support?"{

Just another exclusive to PS5.
An Imaginary advantage receiving an offical SX exclusive game announcement to add subscriptions??

Sunny_D14d ago

I have a feeling they want to roll this out with their new TV line up.

Teflon0214d ago

Sony has confirmed the feature for the X900H in a firmware update. So it should come before them.

NEXUS-614d ago

Sony was selling bundles in Canada - An X900H & PS5, at this stage it is only the second Sony TV marketed as 'Ready For PS5' - the other being the Z8H.

CruseMissle14d ago

Idk seems like one system has it and the other doesn’t. So it’s not imaginary is it?

TakeTori14d ago

Who said anything about advantage? Playstation's been missing this feature since forever.

NEXUS-614d ago

PS exclusives aren't prone to screen tearing from my experience.

TakeTori13d ago

@NEXUS-6 I'm not sure you understand how this technology works. Screen tearing is not a thing on consoles, because v-sync is always turned on. This feature makes sure that the framerate is maintained at a maximum of 30 or 60 fps, depending on the game. You will often see this with games that have uncapped frames, like God of War on PS4 pro. These frames are technically not "uncapped" per say. V-sync is in place trying to lock the framerate to 60fps, but the hardware can't keep up and the game loses frames, which causes stutter. When v-sync is on, screen tearing can't happen. Instead, the image will stutter when the game drops frames. If V-sync was off you wouldn't get stutter, but you'd see tearing.

It's also not true that PS exclusives don't drop frames. They tend to be well optimised, for sure, but it does happen. I think I remember losing frames in God of War on vanilla PS4. Even then it doesn't matter at all whether or not PS exclusives drop frames. There are third-party games on PlayStation as well. You did know this, right? Any game with a 60fps target with v-sync on where those 60fps can't be maintained will have stutter. Variable Refresh Rate eliminates all stutter by changing the refresh rate to whatever frame the game runs at any given second. And the Xbox has had this for reasonably longer than PlayStation, so it's about damn time for Sony to introduce this.

Does that make sense?

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JustTheFax14d ago

I wonder if freesync will come to the Sony X900H at the same time? That is one of the only things holding me back from that tv right now, besides the 120hz blur.

Sunny_D14d ago

I think this is what they are waiting for. They want to roll VRR out with their TV and their updates as well.

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