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You don’t see many pack in titles from Sony or Microsoft, but it is something Nintendo and Sega were doing to help sell you on their new consoles. Thankfully Sony has taken a leaf out of their books and bundled Astro’s Playroom with the PS5, and it was a great decision.

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toxic-inferno11d ago

Great game. So much better than the tech demo I was expecting. At this stage, I'd buy a file fledged sequel if they brought one out in a few years.

ScootaKuH11d ago

Yes I was saying this exact thing the other day. It's less a demo and more a celebration of PlayStation history while also showcasing the features of the DualSense. Astro definitely needs his own full size game

lalalala11d ago

Yeah they need to make this into their "Mario". Sackboy is good but they need a proper story

waverider11d ago

Great platform game. Tryng to get all the stuff from the history of playstation. Its really fun to play.

Einhander197111d ago

AMAZING!! and when you play you go on journey of celebrating Sony's incredible legacy so far. It pure genius.