PlayStation boss Jim Ryan wants the PS5 to be a seven-year success

As the PlayStation 5 launches in the UK, GQ chats to Jim Ryan – president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment – about the past, present and future of PlayStation.

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IRetrouk61d ago

Don't see why it can't be if they keep releasing quality like they have been for decade's....

Nodoze61d ago

SHUT UP and MAKE MORE. God this guy is such a tool.

solideagle61d ago

whats up in your butt. Don't forget we are in pandemic. show some respect to workers

b777conehead60d ago

You mean the biggest scam ever

Reefskye60d ago

@b77conehead say its a scam when your girlfriend almost dies from it in hospital arse hole, go take care of covid patients in ICU if its such a scam hopefully u catch it.

Ashunderfire8661d ago

At least he is not a tool like Phil Spencer who is like a Snake Oil Salesman telling us about thy POWERRR of XBOX but where are the launch games to showoff that power.

RpgSama60d ago

There is a finite number of units fabrics can do in any given day, there is no magic wand to produce immediately 20 million units for a worldwide audience, it's not their fault if they are successful and they sell as many as they can produce whitin seconds

Actually it is their fault, it's fault of quality games for over 4 generations.

Nuvem61d ago

OMG! PS6 in 2027 confirmed!! Where can I pre-order?

Atticus_finch61d ago

Like all the other PlayStations. Good to hear.

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The story is too old to be commented.