Why Was Among Us Allowed to Be a Nominee for the 2020 Game Awards?

KeenGamer: "Let's talk about Among Us, a game with immeasurable popularity, and try and reason why it was nominated for the 2020 Game Awards, despite being a 2018 release. While other games have been nominated despite not technically releasing this year, most have some form of scapegoat—Among Us doesn't seem to have any. You could say it's a little 'sus.'"

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gleepot55d ago

It's pretty silly. It's silly that this game got nominated for anything, given how poorly made it is.

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Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago

I had never even heard of Among Us until a few months. Among Us got popular with kids after Fortnite was blocked from iOS.

MaximusPrime_55d ago

I was introduced to this game 1 month ago. Addicted already... Fun for all ages, not just kids

Petebloodyonion55d ago

When will ppl understand that award ceremonies are about politics?
You don't pay the bills for the event sponsors as Epics does
Why do you think that there's an Epic category called ongoing game that Fortnite can win or be nominated again?

generic-user-name55d ago

Are you saying Epic wanted GoW to win in 2018 and Sekiro to win last year?

Petebloodyonion55d ago

In a way yes!
Do you know what Epic care at the award?
The number of ppl that watch the show and watch the commercial that Epic pay for
If it was to the media alone to decide, Death stranding would have won hands down due to how the media idolized Kojima but due to the outcry from the public but it would have pissed a lot of ppl. and everybody is ok with Sekiro winning.

Let me ask you this question despite being near perfect in execution Do you think that ppl would accept Doom Eternal as the game of the year winner?
Same with Hades. and Tlou2
but Ghost is a safe best and that is why it's probably gonna win and everybody will be happy and sponsors will be happy because the show will be a success.

generic-user-name54d ago

Well I thought Doom 2016 was better so we already aren't on the same page. But I guess we'll see, critics have been gushing over Hades.

SamTheGamer55d ago

I never cared about award ceremonies. Among us fun but not a GOTY contender

djl348555d ago

Shows you don't even know what it is nominated for.

Servbot4155d ago

Persona 5 Royale also shouldn't be there.

DragonWarrior1955d ago

Neither should Jedi Fallen Order since it released last year and before the nominations closed for last year's show.

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The story is too old to be commented.