Cross-Play's Rise Means The New Consoles Need To Embrace Discord

As cross-platform play becomes more and more prevalent, platform holders should allow the usage of Discord on consoles.

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GoodGuy0911d ago

Itd be amazing if ps5 and xbsx could have discord. But thats way too good to be true lol.

gamer780410d ago

They can barely crossplay with each other... I hope we see all np titles someday I. The future crossplay but won’t hold my breath. Avengers might be going crossplay but that’s probably more due to the dwindling player base

STK02610d ago

Xbox already has some form of Discord integration (you can see on Discord what your friends on XBL are playing I believe), but they have yet to allow people on XBL to speak with those on Discord. Hopefully this will change in the future as this would be greatly beneficial not only for cross platform games, but in general as I sometimes want to speak with people I don't play with.

As of right now, the best solution I've found is to buy dual audio headsets, such as the steelseries arctis 9 and pro, as they allow you to connect to one platform for the game audio and to another platform through bluetooth for the chat. But these headsets tend to be significantly more expensive than regular ones.

While I doubt we'll see either Sony nor Microsoft allow for full Discord integration, at least both platform's respective apps allow to join a party on you phone. It's not perfect, but it's a serviceable workaround for those willing to play with someone on the other platform, may it be PC, PS or Xbox.

ORyanDeee10d ago

I wish so bad they would do this, but I'm pretty sure both makers would have an issue not being able to moderate what goes on in this 3rd party app on their console. I remember Sony giving that answer to something else a while ago, just can't remember what it was

fsfsxii10d ago

discord is haven for pedophiles and all sorts of weirdos
I doubt any console manufacturer wants to entangle with that crowd.

MarkyMark8910d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Just like the console realm, local schools, the mall, concerts, the diner you eat breakfast at. Welcome to the wonderful world we live in, guess you don't get out much.

Teflon0210d ago

So my problem is discord legit most of the time has server end sound issues unless you're paying for a server while on PS and Xbox the chats qualities are generally alot better. Unless they can upgrade the lower end of servers It's a bad isea

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