Watch Dogs: Legion's Price Seems To Be Dropping Pretty Drastically

Watch Dogs: Legion is reduced by a whopping 35% on digital platforms for Black Friday with it even cheaper physically.

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alextdarling15d ago

Game being on sale for black friday isnt news...

melons15d ago

By 35%? When it came out three weeks ago?

Tacoboto13d ago

AC Origins and Odyssey were both going for decently below $40 the Black Fridays after their releases. It really pays to wait

ABizzel113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Newer games often drop to $40 and sometimes $35 or so, but dropping to half the launch price in less than a month doesn't happen this fast usually.

SmokinAces13d ago

Yes that's what Black Friday is all about huge deals and savings that's why, in the past at least, people have trampled over each other the second the doors opened.

BongSmack12d ago

It's not uncommon even for a new, popular and successful game to be on sale weeks after it's release. I don't know how many of those adjectives apply to WD:L, but it's true. 35% is on the high side, but it's happened before.

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LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Here in Europe, it's the only next gen launch game that's on a discount. And it's a steep discount. Down to €45 from €70. Valhalla is not discounted because people are actually buying it and it got relatively good reviews (not personally interested in it though).

We saw in a recent report that Legion did not register at all in the top games being played on both PS5 and XSX in the US.

instantstupor13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The fact it can be had for $36 on Ubisoft's own website really surprised me - though I did abuse their sale a bit lol. Its on sale for $45, but if you buy 1 more item you can get 20% off your cart. So just to test, I threw a $0.50 piece of AC4 DLC in the cart. Low and behold, total is $36.31. For a game that launched 3 weeks ago, that feels pretty unprecedented. Not gonna buy it, but still...crazy low price.

neutralgamer199213d ago

It's a UBI game so it will drop in price

Germaximus13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Exactly. This has happened to pretty much every single newly released game for the past three years. LOL

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MrDead13d ago

Have a look at Ubi forums for this game, its a broken mess.

Duke1913d ago

I dont even think it's broken (on ps4 at least). Its just boring imo

Profchaos13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's uninspired, broken and worst of all boring.

Played through half of it so far Im really struggling to find motivation to finish it and I really enjoy 1/2.

They just dropped the ball on the writing on this one I don't care ultimately about play as anyone when you can't tell a decent story as a result

camel_toad13d ago

Yeh I just couldn't do it. WD2 was a lot of fun but Legion wore out it's welcome for me about 8 or 10 hours in. Uninstalled and will never be played again.

shabz66613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

One of the main problems is that the main protagonist has only generic dialogues since they are random NPCs, the story hinges on the side characters that arent proceduraly generated to carry the narrative.

I finished the campaign and liked it by the end and bagley was a very well written character, but yeah its not as good as WD 2.

Profchaos13d ago

Yes I agree Bagley was a very well written character and easily the best in the game. Unfortunately I felt that most of the conversation come of as one sided as a result of the generic replies which really do hurt character interactions.

BLAKHOODe13d ago

Stiff competition in the marketplace w Spider-Man Miles Morales, a new Call Of Duty and Assassin's Creed, as well as new consoles have probably hurt sales. That sucks for the developers, but great for us gamers.

phoenixwing13d ago

everyone said the story is bad so I don't plan on buying it honestly. say what you want about assassins creed but they usually have a mostly coherent story with some cool action

camel_toad13d ago

Did you like Watch Dogs 2? If you did you won't like Legion so you won't be missing anything.

Sirk7x12d ago

Valhalla is actually pretty amazing. Better than Odyssey, better than Black Flag. I know people adore the story in 2, but this might be the best game in the series.

siccstepsccs12d ago

They been milking that franchise I cant play any of them it turns me off to the game kind of like Madden and the 2k series

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