Capcom fixes Devil May Cry 5's 120Hz support for PlayStation 5

Downscaling issues for HDMI 2.0 TVs resolved.

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waverider1342d ago

update. again. This isnt a problem, but some dont undersand that in the first months there wil be a lot of updates. Like all gens...

mrsolidsteel201342d ago


So this means the PS5 version runs at a solid 60fps now?

waverider1342d ago

i hope so. but its good that capcom is working on it.

boing11341d ago

No. It means it doesn't automatically run in 1080p@120Hz on your 4k TV anymore.

Aussieguy1341d ago

I dont own the game ( but was thinking about it until I saw the digital foundry review) they said it has a lot of judder and not smooth.

Can anyone confirm if this patch fixes it and which game settings plays the best ?


5 Years Later, Devil May Cry 5 Still Quenches My Hack-And-Slash Thirst Like No Other

Huzaifah from eXputer: "Devil May Cry 5, the latest iteration in the iconic DMC franchise by Capcom, still holds its own as a fantastic hack-and-slash in 2024."


PlayStation Plus lineup for January: Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Life is Strange

Also added this month: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Jett: The Far Shore, Just Cause 4 Reloaded.

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Duke19560d ago

Perfect for the person like me who wanted to play Back 4 Blood but didn’t want to pay Back 4 Blood

frostypants559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

B4B is the definition of mediocrity. It feels like it should be good, but it's just...off somehow. Then you remember L4D/L4D2 and how much a remaster of that would be more fun. One day, please, Valve?

Dirty_Lemons559d ago

Sad though isn't it, it had all the genetic makeup needed to be L4D3 - but, as you said, something felt off. Plus I hated that card system. It overcomplicated a great formula.

gold_drake560d ago

yesss DMC 5 and DBZ fighterz, life is strange

its a very good line up not gonna lie

Exvalos559d ago

Those 3 games alone justify the price

gold_drake559d ago

they're pretty solid gaming experience imo xD

monkey602560d ago

I've never played before the storm so I'll give that a go now

gold_drake559d ago

its good, but the OG is still the best

Aloymetal560d ago

DMC 5 time to give it a try.

crazyCoconuts560d ago

I had this on my Steam wishlist... Guess I don't have to buy after all!

Aloymetal559d ago

Yeah, you got lucky. Enjoy it;)

boing1560d ago

Woah, that is pretty solid. Lots of games I'm interested in.