Capcom fixes Devil May Cry 5's 120Hz support for PlayStation 5

Downscaling issues for HDMI 2.0 TVs resolved.

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waverider61d ago

update. again. This isnt a problem, but some dont undersand that in the first months there wil be a lot of updates. Like all gens...

mrsolidsteel2061d ago


So this means the PS5 version runs at a solid 60fps now?

waverider61d ago

i hope so. but its good that capcom is working on it.

boing161d ago

No. It means it doesn't automatically run in [email protected] on your 4k TV anymore.

Aussieguy60d ago

I dont own the game ( but was thinking about it until I saw the digital foundry review) they said it has a lot of judder and not smooth.

Can anyone confirm if this patch fixes it and which game settings plays the best ?