Who Needs Next Gen? How to be Happy With Your Current Console

Toby @ FG: Who really needs Next Gen right now? Current Gen is as strong as ever, and we've got all the reasons you need to feel happy about not taking the plunge on a new console just yet.

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there no rush to get a next gen console with Games right now releasing on both Current and next gen also the number of games that we can get on current gen.

Petebloodyonion59d ago

Perhaps because I'm a PC gamer that don't always play with the best setting that I feel that I don't need to upgrade right away to next gen just to say I can play my current game at max setting.
Also it's not like I'm lacking games to play right now since I have this backlog that keep piling up (here's my backlog of my must play game: Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier, Fallout 4, Kingdom Hart 3, Death Stranding, Shadow of War, Hitman season 1 and 2, Tomb Raiders3, Mario Odyssee, Forza Horizon4, Fire Emblem 3 House).

Also I prefer buying the console when some of the game I really are out, this way I usually get the console at cheaper price (or games included) and avoid the risk of defective console.
Also it help me into choosing my 1st console (since I always end up owning them all at some point).

spwittbold59d ago

While all these clowns wait outside Target (where you can't even buy it in store - have to order online to pickup Curbside) and Best Buy etc blah blah I'm sitting at home playing Miles MOrales and loving the shit out of it. Not to mention all the people having issues with even getting to play the actual PS5 version on their PS5s / wiping the system and rebuilding the SSD Database. I'll gladly let ya'll handle that trouble while I play Miles MOrales and get my PS5 a couple months after Christmas with those issues ironed out.

Pancit_Canton59d ago

Sorry, dual sense sold me on next gen. You should try it for yourself. It's next gen.

zacfoldor59d ago

My approach: Make up a bunch of stuff about how waiting to buy new console is "smart move" despite my own desperate attempt to preorder, then when alone, cry.

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