The 2003 Version Of XIII Managed To Outsell The New Remake Last Week

The recent XIII remake from Microids and PlayMagic has been a bit of a flop, as it was outsold digitally in the UK by the original game.

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TheRealTedCruz10d ago

I mean, it's still sort of pathetic, but a cult classic that had been on sale for the week and had for under $3 vs a $40 remake with a known ton of issues and questionable design choices.

I own the original Xbox and PC version as is, and I still got a digital version at that price.

Duke199d ago

Price aside - is the remake really that much worse than the original?

andy859d ago

Sorry i find this hilarious and I'm one of the suckers who bought it and platinumed it 😂


It's so bad it's not even worth it to torrent lol. I wouldn't want it for free.

Sciurus_vulgaris6d ago

The original should be given a digital HD rerelease [plus Xbox One BC] on consoles.