Doom Eternal Switch Has Not Been Cancelled But Is Now a Digital-Only Release

Doom Eternal on Switch has not been cancelled, but is now a digital-only release which may have cancelled some pre-orders by mistake.

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nickanasty20665d ago

What a bummer for those who collect physical media like myself. I don't own a switch and my wife does, but i would be bummed if i did and cared about physical media.

DEKUX1265d ago

Makes no sense I’m not paying 60 for a digital game I’ll wait for a sale or pick up ps4 copy used so they don’t get more money screw em

Concertoine65d ago

I forgot this was coming. I just can't comprehend how this game will work on the Switch lol

Knightofelemia65d ago

No physical version that sucks there are people who collect Switch games and would have welcomed this with open arms to their collection. I all ready own this on the XB1 physically digital games I just tend to skip.

Sgt_Slaughter65d ago

What a mess this release has been.

First it was a Day 1 release, then it was delayed, then people thought it was cancelled because of GameStop calling people to let them know the reserve was cancelled, and now it's coming but digital-only.

They already had DOOM running very well on Switch and I assume this game is built around that, so what happened to cause this cluster?