If You Haven’t Played Persona 5 Yet, You Should

BY MEGAN LUTZ: Persona 5 is the first entry in the Persona series that I have played and I fell in love with it right away. There are so many things to love about this game.

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phoenixwing67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I have the original and persona royal but I have such a backlog and I moved yakuza like a dragon and valhalla to the front. I don't know seems I'll be playing my backlog for ages.

Levii_9267d ago

No,no not Persona 5.. Persona 5 Royal. :)

Sunny1234566d ago

This. One of the best jrpgs of ps4 generation, I still fade out thinking how amazing this game is.

S2Killinit66d ago

Persona 5 is in the PS5 collection free of charge. But Royal is tempting. What do you suggest?

bouzebbal66d ago

I must be the only one thinking this game was so boring and repetitive..
The story was so lame didn't hook me at all

Black-Helghast66d ago

S2Killinit I mean, if you have a ps5 and dont have a lot of money to spend on games, play it on the ps5 collection. but if you dont have a ps5 or if you're looking for a new game to spend easily 60+ hours then buy persona royale. it's an amazing jrpg with a very nice plot, awesome side characters and you can focus on finishing the main story for awesome battles and whatnot or you could do side stories for each character and even date 8 girls at the same time. the game is just so time consuming, it's my only complaint because there's so much to do. just dont feel overwhelmed, if you're in it for the story, just focus on story. the combat is very fun and story is amazing and you'll probably finish it in about 25 - 30 hours but if you're like me and like to get all the waifus, prepar to sink a lot of hours into this game and good luck on valentine's day lmao

Teflon0266d ago

Black Helghast
NO ONE is finishing Persona 5 or Royal in 25-30 hours. Your first playthrough will pull 80 or so atleast. The average first completion is 100 and my first was 133 hours.
To finish in 25 hours you'd have to get the first bad ending and that's not getting the full story. True ending is and you'll need to so a few things. Also no way in hell you're beating the ending of the game which is super dragged with a super rushed playthrough

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zelent66d ago

Waiting for the PC version.

RazzerRedux66d ago

You may be waiting a while.

Levii_9266d ago

Dude this game came out in 2017.. p4 came out in 2008 you got to play that on pc just twelve years later.. yeah no biggie. Just get a playstation and play it where it belongs. -.-

Dirtnapstor66d ago

Tell you what, I fired up P5 and wow, what a gem. Different than my usual stock, but I am certainly enjoying myself.

Black-Helghast66d ago

you should try the Royale version if you love P5

its THAT much better, trust me.

RedDevils66d ago

Is it worth it if you already played the Original?

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