PlayStation Store Black Friday Deals Has The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and More

Sony has updated the Direct PlayStation Store website and listed a set of deals for PS4 games and accessories during this Black Friday.

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FallenAngel198461d ago

I hope Trials of Mana goes on sale

61d ago
solideagle61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I have checked the sale and it's pretty bad, I think I will wait for Christmas/holiday sale..
no JRPG sale and some of the prices are ridiculous like Fall out 4 GOTY edition for £15 when Fallout 4 was selling for £4 earlier sales. FF VII should be under £30, are there any outlets in UK which have sales on physical copies?

Ron_Danger61d ago

If you want to get Fallout 4 and are planning on getting a PS5, Fallout 4 is included in the PS+ Collection so if you’re patient it’ll be included with the rest of the collection.

solideagle61d ago

thank you, I did not know. I am just waiting for launch sales to settle, so I can buy PS5. It's bit crazy here and no one is doing trade in option in UK :( I would have done trade in for the first time in my life

Stanjara61d ago

Sale in not so great, but from all the fuss about Ps5, I will pick up Dark Souls Remastered, since I never played it, and want to see what's that all about.
...or RE7

Ron_Danger61d ago

Dark Souls Remaster is different from Demons Souls Remake.

Stanjara61d ago

Ok, I will take an it more difficult?
I wold like to go from the start, since it is on sale, and it's 60 fps.

mastershredder61d ago

Seriously small and weak list considering this is a Holiday sales push. The fact that it has two recent AAA controversial stinkers in it says everything. May as well slap another crappy indie sale up.

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The story is too old to be commented.