DS4Windows Update Brings PS5 DualSense Support to Windows

With the latest update of DS4Windows, this is as close as we're getting for now to native DualSense support in Windows. We go hands-on with the update to see what it brings to the table.

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FallenAngel198412d ago

DualSense works with PS3, Switch & PC but not PS4

Get on that fix Sony

mikeslemonade11d ago

New Xbox controller > DS5. And also Xbox One controller > DS5.

ZeroBlue211d ago

Lol, I mean, you can say that, but no one seems to agree.

mikeslemonade11d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The buttons on the Xbox don’t feel flimsy like the DS5. The DS5 still has bad charge, one session and you need to plug it in. The D-pad on the DS5 is flimsy which creates a dead zone. The triggers just aren’t as smooth as the Xbox when you press down.

JustTheFax10d ago

lol I wouldn't go that far. That is purely your opinion.

thorstein10d ago


The Dualsense 5, which shall release when the PS10 comes out in 2050.

Apparently this guy has already used it and knows that the current gen Xbox controllers are better than it.

StoneyYoshi10d ago

You have a right to your own opinion pal.

mikeslemonade10d ago

^haha you smarty pants know I’m referring it as a the DualShock 5. And it’s pretty silly you guys only think it’s better because it’s PlayStation and the gimmicky features with the rumble and the Mic. Astrobot is nice, but the “meat and potatoes” of the controller is the form factor, the buttons, build quality, and the feel of the buttons, and the tightness of the buttons.

And Xbox may very will be better than the dual sense 5, because from DualShock 3 to to Dual Shock 5 it’s been a letdown.

boing110d ago

Biggest lie ever. Get out.

Sokol9d ago

Whatever you are drinking bud ain't cool lemonade :)

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ANIALATOR13611d ago

Hopefully there's a steam update coming

LightningMonkey11d ago

You can already get it to work on steam if you boot to big picture mode. I've been using it to play Phasmophbia.

ZeroBlue211d ago

They said their working on the haptics, so I imagine it's only a matter of time before it has full support.

Vanfernal10d ago

If you use the Steam beta client you can use it on Steam plug and play. The recent update is fixed force feedback on Bluetooth mode so it works flawlessly. The only feature that doesn't work is the adaptive triggers which no PC games use anyways. If you want to adjust the color of the light you have to played plugged to the USB though.


Pretty nice but, I have my 360 controller for windows and only use it with games like GTA. Not spending 70+ on another controller for haptic feedback when I hardly even care about simple rumble. Don't need all that where I just want to play the games and don't care about if the controller gives me feedback.

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