The Division 2 TU12 Balancing Discussed, No New PvP Content in TU12

Ubisoft discssed The Division 2 TU12 balancing changes for some weapons, and confirmed no new PvP content is coming in the next title update.

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Lexreborn266d ago

I did PVP one time in this game with my friend. We ran across a few people and I thought they’d leave us be. They initiated combat and I freaked out and shot the guy down. Then while he was crawling I was like...” wait was I supposed to kill him?”

So I freaking REVIVED HIM! And the asshole killed me... like bro... I brought you back! My friend just watched and laughed at me.

REDGUM66d ago

Cool story. Definitely some amazing things have happened within this game. Sooo much support over the time since release too. I've been playing solo on and off since day one and am yet to hit lvl 25 yet lol. So much to do, see and unlock. Much better than the 1st game too & I did enjoy the 1st one too.