Super Mario World: The Best Entry in the Mario Series

BY IAN HUCKABEE: Super Mario World has to be one of the most recognizable titles in gaming. I can certainly agree a part of the reason is that Mario is one of the most recognizable brands, but no one can deny that SMW was just a cut above a lot of what came before it and after it. From the stunning pixel work to the precision of the platforming, to the new enemies that made their debut in this title. Hell, this game was even Yoshi’s first appearance, who has since become a mainstay of the series on account of how adorable he is next to the red-clad Italian plumber.

Since the release of Super Mario World, the series has, of course, had its ups and downs, a strong voyage into 3D with Super Mario 64, and some jaw-droppingly pretty games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Odyssey, But no matter what comes out of the series everyone can seem to agree that coming back to Super Mario World doesn’t feel like a chore.

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Gaming4Life198161d ago

Yea super mario world is definitely my favorite mario game.

nickanasty20661d ago

Agreed. Played this game for countless years for countless hours. Would beat it, then go back and start a new game and beat it again etc.

Einhander197161d ago

The snes will always be my favourite console.

Gaming4Life198161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yea snes had the best mario( super mario world) the best zelda( a link to the past) the best metroid(super metroid) to name a few. But it was just full of great games that are still great today like breath of fire 2, super mario kart, dragon quest, ff4, donkey kong country, f zero, star fox and the list goes on and on.

Gaming4Life198161d ago

Mario 3 was epic and i remember watching the wizard and when they showed mario 3 i was so excited and mad cause i didnt have it lol.