New Pokemon Snap Could Launch in Early 2021

A fan with a keen eye noted that Pokemon Snap could be coming out as soon as early 2021 based on the game listings on Nintendo's website.

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Teflon0268d ago

Laziest name scheme. "New" named games are the dumbest name scheme lol

BrainSyphoned68d ago

Maybe it is a New 3ds exclusive!!!

Teflon0268d ago

While babies with nothing to note downvote the logical statement.

Loved this because THIS makes sense. But new 3DS is also a lazy name scheme. The big problem is these things aren't new long. New super mario bros is old now. New 3DS is old now. New Super Lucky's Tale won't be new when a sequel drops or if it drops. Either way 5 years from now. New Pokemon snap makes sense until this Switch gen dies and it's stupid. When you go back and look at all these games with the new name scheme it's dumb. It's literally lazy. Ohh we're making a new super mario bros. Well we'll just call it that then. New super mario bros. Should Call Halo Infinite New Halo, or God of War New God of War at this point lol.

Devs needs to take the time to actually name things properly.