Far Cry 6 Release Date Has Leaked Through Microsoft Store, File Size Revealed

Far Cry 6 was confirmed to launch after April 2021 but didn't have an official release date. It might have been leaked thanks to the Microsoft Store.

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alextdarling57d ago

May 25th, not delayed as much as I anticipated...
Im a little concerned that no gameplay has been shared yet.

Duke1956d ago

In the age of Day 1 Patches - is there anything more useless than knowing filesizes?

Nuvem56d ago

You, kind Sir, deserve an upvote.

Sieg56d ago

May 25 at 5:00 PM PST
50 GB for Xbox One

Not bad. At least we got some game line up for Q2

isarai56d ago

IMO they've only gotten progressively worse since after 3, i wanna be excited for this but i cant.

spicelicka56d ago

I don't think they got worse, they just didn't improve much and stayed the same mostly.

giovonni56d ago

I do enjoy the slick narratives they do add in the game which can result to getting an ending with out having to play through the story. My fav was Far Cry 4 wasn’t expecting the story to go that way. Five was cool, but offered the same game play and style and felt cheated no matter which ending I got