Predicting How Next-Gen Will Go For Nintendo

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "In just under a week’s time, most of us will be enjoying gaming on our newly acquired ninth-generation consoles with either the Xbox Series devices or the PS5. There is quite a lot of excitement building up to the release of these new devices, especially when it comes to its introductory titles, but today, we want to take a moment and look a bit further and see how well the Xbox Series and PS5 consoles will fair during its time on the market, but rather than looking at these new offerings, will be taking a moment to look at Nintendo and seeing how they fare against these new systems. Here are five predictions on how the next-generation of gaming will play out for Nintendo and the Switch."

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rlow158d ago

I really think Nintendo will keep selling a crap load of devices. If the Switch pro is real and adds more power with a better battery life, sprinkled with a new Metroid, Breath of the Wild 2 game then the sales will be even better.

Wrex36958d ago

Yeah it's hard to imagine nintendo doing bad in a climate like this and when the next mario game comes out I agree with those other two you mentioned plus Pokemon at some point I just don't see how they don't continue being fairly dominant.