Okami UK Review

To judge by all the plaudits and accolades that have swept along in its wake since the game launched in Japan and the US, Okami is almost perfect. After a tortuous wait it's finally out in the UK.

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no_more_heroes5252d ago

I say this game has better graphics than anything both of those "next-gen consoles" are showing. I saw this game and I was like WHOA! I'm dead serious. I don't have a ps2 (remember, its my little sister's own) so I don't own it, but I guarantee you if I did, I would have bought it a long time ago.

nice_cuppa5251d ago

they love it in mags and on the net but not in the shops.

sad but true.

sandip7875251d ago

this game looks phenomenal. i loved shadow of colossus, but i agree with nice cuppa, i dont think itll do that well. ill buy it anyway.

MySwordIsHeavenly5251d ago

It was unknown why Okami did so poorly in Japan. Nothing explained it! In the US, everyone freakin' LOVED it! I bought it the day it came out and never put it down until i played through twice... The game is so innovative and FUN...yeah, something you don't hear a lot of these days. There's no way Capcom or Clover could have anticipated how badly it did in Japan though. There was advertising...everyone there was excited about it...and all Japanese gamers wanted it. But when launch day came around...nothing happened. It's still an effing mystery...

...I'm still in shock though. I'm BORED NOW!!!

timmyp535250d ago

i took a break from ps3 and final fantasy XII to play okami. Yea the graphics are awesome for the PS2 this game is very beautiful .