At Last, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Fulfils Its Potential

As the old saying goes: “A delayed game is eventually good, but something announced in 2014 will one day achieve greatness”. Despite rampant paraphrasing, and the complete butchering of Miyamoto’s infamous edict, it’s safe to say that it has been a long road getting from there to here. But November 17th 2020 will forever be known as the day that Halo: The Master Chief Collection would no longer be deemed a piping hot mess.

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masterfox175d ago

Finally will be able to finish all the Halo games with Halo 4 and by that I mean the good ones(Halo 1, 2, 3) I hope Halo 4 is good too, yeah never play it cause I had enough buying damn 360 consoles 3RROD nonsense back then. Didn't like that much kill the monkey thing at the end of Halo 2 lol still overall was a good game.

JTGA175d ago

Halo 4 continues to be highly underrated IMO - hope you enjoy it!

nickanasty206175d ago

Its funny i still have yet to play through the Halo 4 or 5 campaigns. My buddy swears that 4 has one of the best stories in the collection, so i am definitely going to have to check it out. Sadly i always gravitate towards multiplayer and haven't given enough attention to the campaigns. I know 5 is supposedly garbage on the campaign front, but still want to go through myself and play it because my opinion is often different than others considering I actually had fun with Fallout 76, unlike most.

JTGA174d ago

Yeah 4 is fantastic fun, and the campaign is really well put together. 5's lack of local co-op was extremely disappointing, and I never finished the single player as a result!

Father__Merrin175d ago

I'm playing them in release order,

badz149175d ago

6 years later. Kinda amazing that these people still get to keep their job

nickanasty206175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

The games have been in working order now since around 2017 and they have just been making updates and improvements, along with adding features the game has never had before, like FOV sliders etc. The incredible feat of putting a collection together like this all on one disk is astounding and allow us to enjoy legacy games to be played on modern hardware, and revive them for gernerations that never had the opportunity to play the original Halo games. You can hate all you want Badz, but try being a dev attempting to get old game engines to run on modern hardware and include all campaigns and multiplayer maps, along with unlockables, then come back to me with your opinion. I think its incredible the amount of work they have put in to this collection and also their dedication to making it right. Sure they bit off more than they could chew for their original vision, but at least they stuck with it instead of abandoning it. I still can't think of a better collection of games all on one disk.

badz149175d ago

I'm not hating per say. I already have this MCC in my Steam wishlist but yet to buy it because of the dripfeed of contents. Fully intent to buy it once its completed. What I'm saying is, they have been working on this collection for so long now, the new gen already started and you can't help but think that this has taken a toll on the team and affected the development of Infinite, right? - at least that's how I feel.

Other dev teams have been shut down or gotten their project cancelled for way less. That's why I'm saying it's amazing they still keep their job after a trainwreck of a collection this has been since release.

nickanasty206175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Badz, you are probably correct on that, but now the lead on MCC for PC has now been brought in to oversee Infinite development, so i think we are in good shape in the end here for Infinite. If they do what they did for MCC for Infinite, i think we are in for a real treat. Lets definitely hope that is the case. Sorry if i came a crossed rash in any way, as i didn't intend to do that. Microsoft made a big promise to the PC community that they would start supporting PC long before Infinites developement, and they have delivered. In their delivery to the PC world, they now have teams that are more experienced with difficult work, and the Halo world/lore, so i suspect this will be great for the development of infinite in the end. What was done with MCC is a massive undertaking, so creating Infinite, on a modern game engine should be much easier accomplishment.

badz149174d ago


nah's ok. but regarding the thing you said about Infinite, if it was as easy as porting and remastering assets like the MCC, surely they would have wrapped production by now as apparently they started the project in 2015(?) if I'm not mistaken. with the announced budget of $500mil and the amount of manpower 343i has, it's kinda shocking Infinite is in its current state.

was it sheer incompetence or huge mismanagement? again...other studios are not so lucky to have the kind of treatment 343i is getting from MS. they have managed to smear the Halo's name in just 1 gen.

JTGA174d ago

I think high level mismanagement has definitely come into play, especially after all these high profile departures. The delay was the right call though, and hopefully it will be much better for it.

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nickanasty206174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Badz it was definitely mismanagement. I can't remember where i read the article, but several portions of the game were outsourced which is normal for a huge game like this, and similar to Mass Effect Andromeda, communication between all teams were sparse. Certainly, and un-admittedly the extra time that needed to be taken was due to lack of polish, Microsoft really were not expecting such a terrible reaction from their Showcase that showed off gameplay (i personally was one that thought it looked fine and the gameplay looked like fun, even though i can admit the graphics weren't showing off the power of the Series X). That had a major impact on the game because Microsoft in the end realized that they needed to step in, because their hands off approach with 343i (as well as other studios under their wing) and letting them do their thing without any oversight ended up being a mistake. Certainly MIcrosoft wants good reception for their staple IP, so im sure after all the negative feedback from the internet horde, Microsoft told 343i they needed to fix the game and had to make it right. Unlike Scalebound, Microsoft could not have their staple IP be terrible and can't afford to cancel the project, so the team were given more time to polish the game, and new veteran leadership with experience on the Halo Universe were brought on the project for direction and oversight, while other leads have been fired. There is definitely some chaos behind the curtains that none of us know about, and i am sure we will never know about all of this. I agree completely that 6 years is enough time to make a game, but with such a mismanaged project, things like this tend to happen all the time. I also read that a lot of the leadership team and execs were spending more time reviewing the Halo TV Series than focusing on reviewing Halo Infinite. Also - i noticed you mentioned that MCC was on your wish list for PC, the game has been fully ported over now, so its a great time to buy. MCC for PC was completed within a year after it was announced, with the final game in the collection just being brought to PC on the 17th. It has been fully functional on Xbox since around 2017, but after only one year of porting work has been brought fully to PC since Nov 17th. Check it out my man, its a great time to hop in. I have been on the Insider Flighting team since the beginning, and on PC, it is incredible and surprisingly enough one of the only games that runs my super ultrawide monitor at 5120x1440 resolution without any registry hacks.

badz149173d ago

yeah, I just read the news of the completed MCC a couple of days ago and already bought it. I have only played Halo CE on PC many years ago and looking forward to play this MCC on my new rig.