The Game Awards Eligibility Period Needs to Change

Since its inauguration in 2014, The Game Awards has provided the gaming community the type of stage and spotlight typically only reserved for cinema and music. However, there is one big flaw to it that needs to be changed.

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-Foxtrot57d ago

It should be January to December with the Awards Show being at the end of December before the new year

Ezio204857d ago

Exactly. Nov-Nov eligibility period is literally the stupidest decision any award show has ever taken. With many AAA games coming at the end of the year, it changes the balance of competition completely.

Nitrowolf257d ago

I think this is all done for the sake of meeting that Holiday deadline for sales tbh. What better way to market a game for Christmas than to say you won GOTY?
I do think the show should be pushed back to count every game in a given year though.

dumahim57d ago

So how would a game that might get released in Dec have enough time for people to play through it, have nominations get worked out, then the nominations get voted on, and then have the award show itself all in less than a month?

-Foxtrot57d ago

Be honest though....have we ever had a huge AAA game that's released after the 16th/17th

Even with Cyberpunk 2077, you could get through that enough to form an opinion before an award show on the 29th/30th/31st

nommers57d ago

This^. Also, I don't see how it would even be considered fair to other games released earlier if say a hyped up game released at the very end of the year and reviewers didn't give it a chance to breathe and see how it holds up truly after the initial hype dies down.

57d ago
Tetsdah57d ago

I think the date serves a greater commercial purpose. They can reprint packaging listing accolades right in time for Christmas rush. Additionally, they can give more time for thorough playthroughs of the nominees. If Cyberpunk is truly turns out so awesome, it'll get nominated next year, Keighley already suggested that.

And do we have articles discussing this every year? Like the article mentioned, it has been this way since VGAs started. This should have been brought to Keighley's attention a long time ago. He could have either provided the rationale as to why it currently the way it is, or he could have altered the deadline.