Star Wars Squadrons Getting B-Wing and TIE Defender in Free Update

Two content updates through the holiday season to show the devs' appreciation for this wonderful community.

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ebotj154d ago

AWESOME! B-Wings are my favorite ships from Star Wars!!! Wish they were literally in the movies more. Can't wait to pilot one in VR!!

CorndogBurglar154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I'm so excited for this! The only thing is how can they keep the TIE Defender from being too over powered? Its incredibly fast, has 6 laser guns, and I believe it also has shields, which is one of they ways they are able to balance TIE's and Rebel ships. TIE's are very fast, but don't have shields. I don't know, the A-Wing is fast with shields too though. Maybe this will make a good enemy for the A-Wing.

And as cool as Defenders are, I still want a TIE Advanced.

Moser897152d ago

B-wing is all time favorite ship in star wars.B-wing is world widely most likable ship