Xbox Smart Delivery Isn't Actually That Smart

Xbox Smart Delivery ensures you're always playing the best version of a game on your Xbox Series X/S. But thanks to locking out the ability to play the Xbox One version of any optimized game, it's actually not so smart at all.

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alextdarling218d ago

so you cant play the backwards compatibility version from an external hard drive if its Series X optimised.

This isnt shocking, can see how it can be annoying but not exactly a problem.

crazyCoconuts217d ago

It just provides you less options if you're short on SSD space. Not a huge deal. PS5 gives you choice with the downside of potential confusion. XSX gives you simplicity with the downside of less flexibility with storage.

4Sh0w217d ago

Wow talk about reaching hard to find a problem.

VariantAEC216d ago

Alleged PS fanboy here to tell you you got this completely backwards.
PS5 doesn't allow archiving of any PS5 games or PS5 saves.
The Xbox allows Series games to be archived but not played on expandable SSDs connected via USB which is more than what PS5 offers.
You can play PS4 games on PS5 either way, but PS5 games won't work via SSDs.

PS5 enhanced games... Not sure how those work does GoT work via SSD even though there was a patch? I don't know.

PS5 DOESN'T offer more flexibility with space right now and even if or when PS5 saves and other data can be migrated for archiving purposes the simple fact will remain that fanboys will argue it wasn't there since launch.

Now in my opinion the reason PS5 save data is locked to the PS5 is down to file manipulation. Some people copy their PS save data over and reverse engineer it on a PC injecting new data that allows for cheating or unlocking things etc, etc. Additionally you have data dumping though not much is typically ever found in a save file sometimes patterns may come up allowing individuals to determine how a system reads in data, what kind of files a system can be loaded up with and more. So in my opinion this is an anti-hacking measure. PS5 is lowering its attack surface by limiting what users can do day 1. It is not cool for hackers and some legitimate users, but it is also pretty smart and IS ULTIMATELY NOT AN ISSUE RIGHT NOW! Chances are also very likely that when data and complaints of full built-in storage (and eventually expandable media) exist in a significant number of users devices that PlayStation will unlock the ability to migrate PS5 save data and or games to USB HDD/SSD expandable storage.

So in the end you are wrong about how this works on XSX and PS5.
Right now XSX offers much more flexibility with game media.

crazyCoconuts216d ago

@varient - i'm talking specifically around the design of smart delivery vs. choosing your version from a drop down, not some general discussion around which platform is more flexible

TheScotsman217d ago

Slow news day me thinks ....

TheDibbler217d ago

Yeah I'm not sure what the issue is. If you have the next-gen version why would you want to play the old one? HDD space seems like you are reaching for an excuse to be mad about something. Especially when game size can actually go down this gen for some titles as you only need to download the aspect of the game you are going to be playing where you didn't have that choice before.

MrBeatdown217d ago

I could see achievement hunters playing both versions of a game.

Bender6502217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Unfortunately this is a nonsense article imo. He really is trying to make Smart delivery sound like a bad thing. It simply isn't. At least with SX you can run BC games from external HDD, there's no problem with cross gen saves, and a SX/SS games don't default to running as an Xbox one game. The same can't be said of the competition.Oh and there is external SSD storage available right now, if you want it. Sounded like a very skewed article to me.

Tacoboto217d ago

Meanwhile, we have PS5 owners who may or may not know they're playing the PS4 version of COD because the system chose to install that instead of the optimized version...

Profchaos217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Agree Sony need a better way to show what version I'm playing I had to go to a shop window in wd legion and check that ray tracing was in use to make sure I was playing the ps5 edition

Jin_Sakai217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

“Meanwhile, we have PS5 owners who may or may not know they're playing the PS4 version of COD because the system chose to install that instead of the optimized version...”

I had no problem with installing the PS5 version. The only issue i have is that it changes back to PS4 version randomly on the dashboard.

Regardless, I press options button and click PS5 version. It’s a really not that hard. I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Nice damage control though.

Silly gameAr217d ago

Yes, and there was a few articles on the site that covered that. If this isn't a big deal like you guys say, why are you getting so up in arms about it? Just ignore it and move on.

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The story is too old to be commented.