EA SPORTS Madden NFL 21 Brings Real World Player Data To Next Gen Versions

This is interesting news for fans of the series. Electronic Arts Inc is bringing players the most realistic football simulation experience with today’s unveil of EA SPORTS Madden NFL 21on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation5. Madden NFL 21 on next generation consoles sets a new standard of realism and authenticity, highlighted by all-new gameplay innovation that includes real world data.

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RickRoland63d ago

I have skipped madden for a while but I’m intrigued by this, I hope it works out to improve all the animation and route running issues that plague the series

neutralgamer199263d ago

Wait few years and don't buy into the hype. Let EA actually make a great madden if they can even do that

RickRoland63d ago

Oh definitely waiting. They need to do something quick though. This game needs to go on a 2 year development cycle and just have a reset to really fix the issues. I think all sports games could benefit from a 2
Year cycle to be honest.

jukins63d ago

A 2 year cycle will never happen due to licensing. They pretty much for the publisher to release every year or lose the license. Not that the publisher minds it but still not like they have a choice

rlow163d ago

Very cool, really pulling out all the stops.

philm8762d ago

Really looking forward to seeing what the EA Sports next gen titles look like. I hope they get somewhere near as good as the next gen graphics in NBA 2k21.