‘Godfall’ Review (PS5): Worse Than Avengers, Worse Than Anthem | Forbes

Godfall is an underwhelming, shallow entry in the looter genre, and not worth its steep asking price right now, even as a PS5 launch game.

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NeoGamer232217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I wish that reviewers would be factual rather then sensational. This is a real problem in anything that can be political. People should quit sensationalizing and just state the facts about how the game is not good.

The review has some good info, It should've been more reflected in the title...

Si-Fly217d ago

Pretty sure they’re just being honest.

NeoGamer232217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Honesty is perception...

For example, Many people believe the USA election happened and that Biden won. Many people believe that the election was rigged and fraudulent. Both think they are being honest.

Honesty does not translate directly to facts always.

Rambokind217d ago

It's a Randy Pitchford outfit. He deserves this low score.

NeoGamer232217d ago

I don't like the guy either, but Borderlands is a really solid IP. Just because Randy's outfit made it, doesn't make it bad.

And who knows.... They are geting feedback, and maybe they will do an update in X months if they put this on XB to improve it. We have seen many games come out that rated low and were a mess at the start but improved a lot. Drive Club and Sea of Thieves are two really good examples.

Vengeance1138217d ago

How does Randy Pitchford have anything at all to do with Counterplay Games? Gearbox published it and nothing else.

dumahim217d ago

Gearbox is only the publisher. Counterplay Games made it.

TheRealTedCruz217d ago

The thing is sitting at about 60% in metacritic, had almost no traction in the PC space, and looked fairly generic from the initial showings.

Honestly, the only people propping this up were the ones excited this didn't have an Xbox logo on the splash menu.

Vengeance1138217d ago

So any Souls game, Call of Duty, Destiny, any mainstream game... isn't generic? They all have never been done before? All are wildely creative and unique? If you haven't played the game, then you have no say in the matter, nor are your opinions even the least bit valid.

NEXUS-6217d ago

It will be on xsx in 6 months.

TheRealTedCruz217d ago (Edited 217d ago )


That's the part you're going to call me out on?You can be a more of the same series, but still be more competently made.
Destiny really is the title that pushed the games as a service into the mainstream outside of the mobile market.
CoD changed the landscape of online FPS multiplayer.
The Souls series literally created it's own genre, to the point that we know have "Souls Clones" in the same way we had "Doom Clones"

Being generic, and being being mediocre are two different things. Godfall, unfortunately, is both, and its reception is showing as much. Not only from critics, but also players.

"When you haven't played the game, your opinion doesn't matter".
Always the childish go-to to shutdown criticism. I also haven't smashed in my ankle with a hammer, but I can make an educated opinion based other's opinions, or basic common sense, to know that I probably won't have a good time.


Hasn't changed the fact it's been treated as a lowkey Sony title on this site for months, just because they can say they had it at launch. Nobody will care when it comes to Xbox either.

NEXUS-6216d ago

You are right mate - no one cares when it comes to xbox.

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Yppupdam217d ago

I have the game....I am not digging it. It looks great, though. To be honest, I like Anthem better....and Anthem has problems. As for Godfall, The voice acting is flat, the combat is ok and it has a pretty weird travel system. Also, the game doesn't have a jump feature which, to me, makes is feel limited. I was hoping for its combat to be a more advanced version of Warframe... Godfall just makes me look forward to the PS5 version of Warframe even more so. I am going to play it a little more, but, most likely will rotate it out of my collection. This is a 5.00 bargain bin game. Shadowfall has more character.

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Vengeance1138217d ago

I've been playing it non-stop since it released and would say it's a fantastic game with 100s of hrs of entertainment. Definitely an 8/10 for me, can't wait to dive into the DLC in 2021! Combat is deep and engaging and graphics are top tier. Story wise, who cares since its similar to Destiny and nobody plays Destiny for the story lol its all about that loot!

Nicknasty217d ago

I couldn’t agree more! I am really enjoying Godfall and can’t understand some of the hate. Graphics are solid, especially when resolution is favored. I like the environments and enemies. Some nice colors going on. The gameplay is addictive and fun! To tell you the truth, I am having more fun with this than demons souls. Which seems overly hyped to me. Godfall took me by surprise. 8/10 also for me!

Si-Fly217d ago

So are you giving Demon Souls a 7/10? Lmao

CaptainHenry916217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Demon Souls is not really for the Casual gamer whereas Godfall is. DS is for the hard-core gamer just like Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls

Rangerman1208217d ago

@CaptainHenry true, though at least demon's remake doesn't require internet to play the game.

Regardless, I do agree that the game is fun. It's just that it really needs some additional support as the content we have here is lackluster to say the least.

Joshua13217d ago

Something about this and Nicknasty's positive comments on the game feel like they were written by the same guy who's salty that the game got a 5 from Forbes. honestly, atleast Avengers and Anthem has some side activities after post game, even if they don't mean much. It's okay to enjoy the game (I had some fun as well, although it did get repetitive later on once due to lack of meaningful endgame) but please don't act like those fanboys.

Rangerman1208217d ago

This is N4G dude. Fanboyism always comes first. No time to act nice lol

Nicknasty217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Try again buddy. It’s called an opinion and maybe it’s just too hard for you to understand or wrap your head around it. Do you even own a PS5 or Godfall? I doubt it. Maybe that’s why you’re so upset. Why is it, if someone thinks an underrated game like this is better than one that has gotten mass publicity and hype, they are automatically a fanboy? It’s pretty weak and getting old. If anything, you sound somewhat paranoid thinking I’m someone else because I like Godfall, really dude? You wanna tell people how to act now? Lol seriously man, you need to get off your high horse and accept the simple fact that people out there aren’t always going to like what you do. I will say it again, I’ve put a numerous amount of hours into demons souls and into Godfall. From my experience, I am having more fun with Godfall. You need to get a grip dude.

chronoforce217d ago

The story is not just light, it seems like some of it has been ripped out of the game. At the start there are 2 characters that are with you that even converse with that just disappear until one of them shows up again during the penultimate boss fight.

Something must have gone wrong during development as there are so many design issues like this. In terms of graphics the game does do well and the combat is decent but everything else around it is just horrible.

Rangerman1208217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Same thoughts as well. There's potential but it doesn't quite excel it well. It's like the devs thought that saying that the game won't have microtransactions will automatically make the game salvageable.

jukins217d ago

Yea im having fun with it. It is a bit lifeless but the combat is very good. Just needs matchmaking

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Hellcat2020217d ago

It's nowhere near Avengers or Anthem

Rangerman1208217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I'd say it's more on par with Anthem in terms of content but definitely better than Avengers, although the story could have been better. Atleast unlike avengers, the loot actually customizes your character's appearance, which is plus. Plus, atleast the enemies are varied in design and the bosses are cool, unlike the ones in Avengers.

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Greg2801217d ago

Clickbait review. Because more worse than Anthem is not possible

Si-Fly217d ago

More worse grammar not possible either.

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