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Age of Calamity improves on the combat and structure of Hyrule Warriors, but saps much of the weight from Breath of the Wild's backstory as it fills in its gaps.

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talocaca105d ago

Is this really Nintendo's big release this holiday season?

oof6781105d ago

If Animal Crossing hadn't sold so mindboggingly well, they probably wouldn't have tried to get away with just this.

KeenBean345105d ago

I mean do they need one? They have multiple games in the top 10 of the week in multiple different countries and have the most available stock in terms of consoles. Supplementing massive titles with a big release for fans of BoTW is pretty smart considering how open they have been about covid severely affecting their development. Personally have no interest in this but a lot of people will be during the holidays

SullysCigar105d ago

The trouble is, covid is both a genuine reason and a go-to excuse this year and I'm not sure I believe them when I see what other publishers have managed to output in the last month or so.

KeenBean345105d ago


Definitely. I'm more inclined to believe Japanese companies considering how they are structured and weren't prepared for working at home as much as America but it's still up for debate. You get great instances like Quiby failing being blamed on covid though..

NitendoPowa104d ago

Seems like it I'm really disappointed with Nintendo this year

Zeldafan64104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Does it bother you that a spin off Zelda game is going to sell several million units? Special kind of snowflakes in this comments section.

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CrimsonWing69105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I really didn’t get what the hype was all about after playing Hyrule Warriors. It was almost like people didn’t remember that game. If you like Dynasty Warriors this is for you, but don’t go in expecting a Zelda sequel proper.

curtain_swoosh105d ago

exactly this.

did u forget? theres no bad Nintendo first party game haha.

Zeldafan64103d ago

I have no interest in the regular Dynasty Warriors games but I put over 300 hours into the first Hyrule Warriors.

nommers105d ago

Gamespot giving out justice

-Foxtrot105d ago

You'd think they'd have the detailed backstory and the like in the actual main game rather than putting it into a spin off.

racer22105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Man, at least we had luigis mansion 3 last year. Nothing to play for me this year. At least they could had make a new f-zero, pilotwings , 1080 or something. I am very disappointed Nintendo!!

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