Street Fighter 6 Will Release For PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC - Report

Street Fighter 6 is apparently in development at Capcom and will be released for PS4, Xbox One, in addition to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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Sonyslave360d ago

Lol but but I thought Capcom need help

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Silly gameAr60d ago

But but shhhhh.

Capcom has bounced back since the start of last gen. I doubt they need much financial help with their games anymore, but if you want to be petty and bring it up, have fun.

darthv7260d ago

Petty... it was an impossibility that Capcom really needed any $$ to help make SF. It is their biggest and most profitable franchise. The reasons they say vs the reality is that Capcom promised Sony an exclusive game (remember Deep Down??) and that didnt happen so they decided to give them SFV under the public announcement that Sony helped pay for its development. Do you also remember how they said they wouldnt make any Arcade or Super or Ultra editions?? Yeah they did so anything Capcom says people have started not really trusting them. They got around that part by making the content on the disc the same as it was at launch but changing the disc label and packaging.

Silly gameAr60d ago

Do you not remember all of Capcom's devs leaving? Games that they announced that they couldn't make because they didn't have funds to take the risk?

I don't see how anyone can deny that Capcom wasn't in financial trouble, seeing as how horrible they did in the PS3/360 era, and if Sony didn't help fund SF5, we probably wouldn't have had one. But go ahead and be PETTY, yes petty, because we know you guys wouldn't care if it was your preferred console that did it instead.

TheRealTedCruz59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


Try harder to have an opinion. At least you admit Sony is the one who goes out of their way to censor. It's a little more than just "anime boobs" but you at least have a spine.
I actually don't play the high majority of games that would fall under that, and my post feed would show as much, if you'd care to look through it.

I'll repeat, for the 7 thousandth time, I'm not an "Xbox fanboy". I never even bought an Xbox One. I owned both a 360 and PS3 last generation, and my last two consoles were a PS4 Pro, and a PS5.

So my issue isn't with Sony. It's with people like you who get whiney at any point someone gives criticism to something you like; and whose brain can't differentiate honest points of criticism from "fanboyism" for the other team, in a dumb little console war only you and your lot even give a s**t about.

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Retroman60d ago

Street Fighter 6?? Ah Snap. Can't wait for it.

Bender650260d ago (Edited 60d ago )

How many new games have Capcom actually made? They seem to just keep rehashing the same titles, endlessly. I mean I loved SF in the day, but really, another one.

Vandamme2160d ago

Street Fighter is a popular fighting game that’s why. It has so many hardcore fans.

RiverCityBoy60d ago

Its always nice to see I'm not alone cuz BOY I've been thinking the same thing forever now. Everything is Street fighter, resident evil, and monster hunter. I can't complain too much since we did get dmc5 and pragmata is coming...eventually, but its irritating that before we get something new we have to get 17 resident evils or 8 street fighters.

kayoss60d ago

Lots of competition even fir street fighter. I just hope they introduce more new characters and give gamers a better story to close out the old characters stories.

TricksterArrow60d ago

If it’s a worthwile entry, they can do whatever. I rather a good sequel than a mediocre new title.

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addictedtochaos60d ago

It will almost certainly release unfinished with multiple season passes.

Vandamme2160d ago

I can’t wait. Street fighter my favorite fighting game. Street Fighter is the reason why I got into gaming. Before I was a gamer. I used to be a movie freak. Then I played street fighter lol.

BenRC0160d ago

Same here, played sf2 in the arcades then bought a (ridiculously priced) snes and sf2. You think 70 is bad now? Try paying that in the 90s

NotoriousWhiz60d ago

I remember paying 110$ for Superman 64 from Funcoland.

specialguest60d ago

I hope Capcom do a complete overhaul of the character model and graphics. SF4 looked too similar to SF5.
I wouldn't mind if the models went towards the more realistic body proportions

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