PS5 UK Launch Has Sony Overhaul London Underground Sign Posts With PS Face Buttons

The PS5 UK release is almost upon us, and Sony has brought out the big marketing guns by giving London Underground sign posts a makeover!

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ArchangelMike215d ago

Shame the UK is currently in a second lockdown, so this really won't get seen by many. But still, here's hoping I can bag a PS5 on launch day before the scalpers.

MaximusPrime_215d ago

to be honest, i live in London and still many people are about. basically ignoring UK government's request for people to stay at home.

leejohnson222215d ago

As they should, funny how you can go work and shopping but still have no freedoms

VenomUK215d ago


Apparently there will be more stock made available tomorrow at GAME and John Lewis. Also from Amazon at 12pm. So if you haven't already, make an account with each, enter your payment details and be alert tomorrow. You've got two good chances. Good luck!

SullysCigar215d ago

^ Lee, well many have to food shop to live, as all the deliveries are booked out. Not essential shops are closed. Many non-essential items or isles in shops are closed off.

People flouting the rules are just making things worse for everyone and should be shot on sight (not really lol, but imagine if that was a thing - we probably wouldn't have seen lockdown 2 in UK!)

DFresh215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Good luck on that.
I literally had the PS5 in my cart twice, site crashed, kept refreshing and boom sold out.
But hopefully luck is on your side in the UK because getting a PS5 in the USA was a nightmare.

curtain_swoosh215d ago

english people dont care about the regulations. its a shame and a sad reality thats been going on for decades here.

ANIALATOR136215d ago

They should make The Getaway games again

MaximusPrime_215d ago

Btw, the irony is that these signs are literally outside Microsoft store

SullysCigar215d ago

Nice! I love a bit of cheeky competitiveness lol

purple101215d ago

Ok,. Their marketing team is on point

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