First week sales PS5 sold 118,000 units in 4 days, Xbox Series X | S sold 21,000 units in 6 days

According to Famitsu's research, the estimated domestic sales volume (breaking news) of the next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S) in the first week was revealed.

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ArchangelMike65d ago

I can understand Sony's strategy. The EU & US are their dominant markets, and where they generate the most amount of revenue. It would make sense if you have a limited stock to allocate most of that stock to your dominant market. Sony have Japan in their back pocket, and stock will always sell there, also there is less competition from MS. In the EU & US however, the competition is stronger, and stock shortages potentially give more ground to the competittion.

The important thing here for both consoles though, is that launch day sales are not an indicator of a lack of demand. Demand is extremely high for both consoles, the problem is supply. We won't really know how well both consoles are selling (in relation to demand) until there is a surplus in the market.

AnnaDea65d ago

I wouldn't be expect that PS5 would suffer compared to last-gen.

Playstation 5 had more pre-order than what Playstation 4 sold in it's first half year already.

spambot081565d ago

only problem, a good chunk of ps5's ain't moving software right now because they are waiting to be resold for a higher price.

_Decadent_Descent65d ago

@spambot0815 Let's hope they can't sell them too. Fuck scalpers.

savedsynner65d ago

True...amazing what a good launch linup does. The PS4 IMO had a decent but not good launch line up. I myself didnt buy one until Shadow of mordor came out.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Well if it’s selling out isn’t that a good sign? Just ramp up your supply for the demand?

ZeroBlue265d ago

They leave out the selling out part because it's not as clickbaity.

RosweeSon65d ago

Everything sells out mainly due to scalpers

zacfoldor65d ago

Well, in this case I think it is mainly supply/demand, but I agree scalpers play a statistically significant part.

EverydayJoe64d ago

A smart scalper is going to have an ear to the ground for whats hot. They don't want to sit on product that has warm demand. That hits them in the wallet. They want products that people will pay whatever they are asking, and fast. Thats the whole name of their game. Flip high and flip fast.

GamerRN65d ago

It's Japan. No one expected MS to do a damn thing in Japan... Not news

arkard65d ago

You can't just hit a button and say, build faster. You have to source all the components, this takes time to allocate. They have to figure costs into all of it as well. If you can't get more components at the price you set and now have to look at spending more your profit margin (or losses) increase.

philm8764d ago

Exactly @arkard. Plus there's no point in them using huge factories/warehouses that they have to cut back on in a few months when demand drops slightly. All done to keep the price down so they can sell the console at a great value for the customers. Same reason there's not more storage. Why cater for the few that need more storage and have to put off the many with the price tag?

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Father__Merrin65d ago

There is supply shortage but over the years a traditional home console has gotten less ans less and more handheld. It would be a good idea fir Sony to release a JP only handheld

curtain_swoosh65d ago

that would be a terrible business idea.

jznrpg65d ago

I want a world handheld from Sony

badz14964d ago

a handheld using Ryzen APU would be very interesting right now.

PixelOmen64d ago

I agree that handhelds completely dominate the Japanese market, it that is really the only way for Sony to move big numbers there. However I don't think they'd be able to throw all their weight behind R&D and 1st party support if they're only selling the software in that one market.

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talocaca65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I live in Tokyo and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a PS5 right now, so it's l about supply.

All shops are holding lotteries to get one and recently you have a 1~2% chance of actually winning.

Even getting a PS4 or a Switch is close to impossible this year.

yeahokwhatever65d ago

I live in the US and its IMPOSSIBLE to get a PS5 right now.

medman65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The numbers are pretty much meaningless at this point....I'm fairly certain that if Sony and Microsoft could produce 8 million consoles in the first month, they would both sell out. I was fortunate to get a ps5 from best buy in store pickup, but my amazon series x pre-order was delayed until who knows when. The demand is there at launch for both consoles, especially the ps5, but the production is not nearly enough to meet the overwhelming demand.

It's disappointing for gamers who were hoping to get their hands on one, or both, before Christmas. It seems highly unlikely that the supply will increase significantly between now and the end of the year for that to happen. Yesterday Microsoft stated that they would be limited in series production until April 2021!??!


People may be waiting longer than they ever thought for these consoles.

yeahokwhatever65d ago

i got lucky with a ps5 preorder at bestbuy. im 5 for 5 with launch day PlayStations in my life. :-)

kingPoS65d ago

I've seen a couple of Switch lite's at my local Target. No ps5 or even the pulse headphones though, unsurprisingly.

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Angyobangyo65d ago

Whilst true about the ps5 and even the switch to a certain level, the ps4 has been pretty easy purchase this year. Biccamera, Yodobashi, Geo, etc have always had ps4s in stock. During the first minor lockdown earlier this year, the switch was difficult to find but supplies have been back to normal over the few months. Could be a Tokyo thing though as I live right between Tokyo and Saitama.

Did any retailer in Japan ever offer first-come pre-orders like in the UK and Europe? I've only seen lotteries in this region.