Demon's Souls Remake is the Best Launch Title Ever

Alex & Mike have completed the Demon's Souls remake and are here to gush to you about how, with this incredible game, PS5 comes barreling out of the gate with the best console launch of all time. This is the same genre-inventing epic we fell in love with eleven years and one month ago, with a fresh visual interpretation courtesy of Bluepoint. Also featuring a brief discussion of the lightning fast hardware and fine user interface of our new PS5s. Cheers to next gen and the Soulsfam.

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shadowhaxor149d ago

I wouldn't say the best, but it's up there.

Babadook7149d ago

It’s perhaps the best PlayStation launch title. And combined with Miles and Astro, the best PlayStation launch lineup in general. I would give Nintendo consideration for best launch game.

GamerRN149d ago

I think I like MM Spiderman better... More original. DS feels like Ryse to me. Flabby with little substance.

potatoseal149d ago

@ GamerRN

Yuu just embarrassed yourself with you pathetic attempt to compare Ryse to Demon's Souls. You obviously have no freakin idea what you're even talking about.

Dragonscale149d ago

@gamerRN, flabby with little substance sounds like the new xbone tbh.

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Petebloodyonion149d ago

Here's a simple way to prove that concept
wait a couple years and see if Demon soul is still among the top best seller of the console then we'll talk
Now go see Zelda on the Switch (a game that I feel a bit overrated) and just check that it's still selling today
or you could go see Mario 64 that basically define how to play a 3d platform game even today.
I could also point to Halo that became Xbox backbone.
And lastly I could just put the nail in the coffin with Wii Sport
But what I will agree that its probably Sony's best launch title of all time and it's a great remake of a great game

sinspirit149d ago

So, CoD is the best shooter ever? Not arguing which games quality is better or comparing how they age. But, sales isn't the only metric for being considered the best.

Petebloodyonion149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Unfortunately despite the hate COD is the best shooter ever
Sorry but almost every modern trope in a shooter is basically from COD.
The only reason that Cod isn't glorified is because of the name Activision
if Cod had been developed by Sony Studio, MS, or Nintendo the game would already get some GOTY, some perfect scores from Gamespot and IGN, and it would be praised just like every copy and paste 2d Mario formula that Nintendo made or Uncharted/Tlou formula.

Perhaps ppl something should wonder how come the game is selling year after year at full price when there are cheaper options around.

GreenDragonCVR149d ago

In our opinion, there are prob more examples than not of the most popular/profitable things being the most amorphous, effortless & worst! Fortnite, opiates, military-industrial complex, two and a half men?

Our usage of "best" pertains here not to sales, but to the integrity of the work! DeS is an astounding game and feat of world building, even amongst Miyazaki's other games. Hard to feel that (for example) on your 80th shrine in BotW, shaking your controller to move a ball around in a throw away puzzle, that any other recent "masterpiece" is nearly as good. DeS has an inner consistency and focus that defined a genre and that games like BotW ended up riffing on years later, mythopoetic worldbuilding to make Dante and Homer blush. Cheers everyone thanks for your time and comments!

149d ago
GreenDragonCVR149d ago

In our opinion DeS was better than every single game you list back when it sold very few copies on ps3. Wii sports? Common buddy. Crack cocaine probably sells better every year than every game on earth, don't make it good.

Petebloodyonion149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"Our usage of "best" pertains here not to sales, but to the integrity of the work! "

Now I won't compare DeS to Zelda Botw because I for one, would agree with you, and feel that if the game had made by Ubisoft instead of Nintendo it would be another 7/10 games amongst other but I will easily compare it to Wii sports

my moto int about the integrity of the work but the contribution and what it brought to the industry
Demon Souls Ps5 brought nice graphics to fans of the game and Diehard video game players that see into the game a reason to buy a PS5 (wow next-gen graphics).

On the other hand, Wii Sports brought video games to ppl who don't play often video games, I can easily give the remote to any ppl and they will instantly know how to play the game and have a good time.
The game helped residents in the senior house, was used in some medical treatment, and sold the concept of motion control gaming.
And that's what Wii sports brought to the table as a launch title (and for many the reason to buy the console).

jwillj2k4149d ago

What an embarrassing comment using sales to judges the quality of a game.

Petebloodyonion149d ago

So suddenly sales overtime shouldn't be a measure to validate the quality of a game over time?
Let's see a crapy game like:
- Super Mario World is the number #1 selling game on Snes (22 million)
- Mario 64 # 1 game selling on N64 (12 million)

And I could also point that Super Mario world is often ranked in the top 5 games of all times in the top 100 by various media.

How come Demon soul on Ps3 is never ranked on this list?

GreenDragonCVR149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

@billybrain "imo" is a nice way to preface a paragraph, but we do not argue that souls is merely "subjectievly" better, and utterly deny that "subjective" measures are the only ones that exist to judge art. While we may or may not "enjoy" or "have fun with" the same things (distinctions a game like DeS proves are kinda silly), we argue that mechanically-systemically & as gestures of world-building, Miyazaki games have no peer. Souls is like a giant tiger: it may eat and bite you, but undeniably beautiful, apex inhabitant of its ecological niche. Cheers buddy! (Edited for grammar)

CrimsonWing69149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I don’t think game sales equate to how objectively good a game is. There’s some amazing games that don’t sell well and there’s some serious garbage that sells extremely well.

Petebloodyonion149d ago

I agree with you in a way but how do you measure the quality of a game?
Your opinion vs mine?
Sales at least are the cumulations of the ppl voting with their wallets and usually, top-selling games of all time are far from crap (despite our personal taste)
Super Mario world best selling games of all time on the Snes.
Mario 64, best selling game on N64.
GTA 5 is far from a bad game.

CrimsonWing69149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


I guess if you're going that route there's no way to measure the quality of a game because it's subjective.
You could possibly say reviews are an indicative way to measure quality, but then again, it's others' opinion.

I mean aren't Madden games in the top NPDs on launch? All I ever hear is how bad those games are.
So, sales isn't an accurate representation of a games quality, that's really my only point.
Sure, there's good games that are in the top NPDs, but for arguments sake I wouldn't say that's the indicator for a game's quality.

Petebloodyonion149d ago

"I mean aren't Madden games in the top NPDs on launch? All I ever hear is how bad those games are."
Are they bad because they are bad or they are bad because of the elitism of the gaming community that will deem bad something the moment it's mainstream and popular?

Do you know a better Football (or other EA sports) game series to play or to suggest?
Just like I said about COD, how come everybody tries to emulate and copy Cod mechanisms and tropes if the game is average? (ADS, streak kill, regenerative health, lvl up, perks, etc.)

CrimsonWing69149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


"Are they bad because they are bad or they are bad because of the elitism of the gaming community that will deem bad something the moment it's mainstream and popular?"

Well, from the many reviews and forum posts it seems like the consensus is it's just all around a bad game.

"Just like I said about COD, how come everybody tries to emulate and copy Cod mechanisms and tropes if the game is average? (ADS, streak kill, regenerative health, lvl up, perks, etc.)"

People are creatures of habit. How many people whine about how bad COD MP is, but still play it? I think it's due to it just being "COD" and it's like junk food gaming. Like, if Halo sucked people would still play it because it's Halo.

But again the argument isn't whether COD is a bad game or a good game since we've established it's impossible to determine that due to opinion, which in turn makes it impossible to argue that Demon's Souls isn't, in fact, the best launch title. I mean, after all, it's an opinion. The whole point of this is using sales as a barometer to gauge what is a good game is vs a bad game isn't accurate at all.

Take the October NPDs for example: Watch Dogs is number 3, yet metacritic scores are:

PS4: 70 with a 5.5 user score
PC: 74 with a 5.9 user score
Xbone: 76 with a 6.2 user score

Not exactly instilling confidence that it's a great game, yet it's the 3rd best selling game of that month.
The only reason I don't agree with the statement that sales indicate a good game from bad games is due to games that are good but don't sell. 2 examples just off the top of my head would be Okami and Viewtiful Joe, both fantastic games that sold poorly and led to a dev studio being shutdown.

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FlyGuyHung149d ago

Halo (basically responsible for Xbox being a thing) and we're saying a remake is the best lauch title? Ok.
BoTW and Super Mario 64 also say hello.

I guess we're just living in a time where people think that anything new is the best thing ever until a couple years pass.

potatoseal149d ago

Dry your tears. It's ok. BOTW and Super Mario 64 were amazing launch games also. But I agree with the author. Demon's Souls is the better one. I played Super Mario 64 at N64 launch and I played BoTW on Switch too.

Thinking back, I changed my mind. Maybe Super Mario 64 and Demon's Souls are on PAR as the best launch games ever. I don't think I can split them to be honest.

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Dragonopolis149d ago

Actually having high quality launch titles is a good thing only raises the stakes when future games come. SONY and Nintendo arguably start with stronger launch titles than Microsoft; especially in first party titles.

Basically the stronger the launch titles the better of we will be when the console reaches maturity. How powerful the console is doesn't matter, since Nintendo seems to have survived all these years with the least powerful console the three.

Si-Fly149d ago

Remember when Xbox launched with Halo, PGR and DOA3? They needed that kind of lineup for this gen.

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