PS5's Tempest Optimizes Audio Workflows, Says Sumo Digital;Next-Gen Allows Multi-Channel Sound Files

Sumo Digital audio engineers discussed the audio improvements in next-gen platforms, and how PS5's Tempest engine helps optimize workflows.

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codelyoko61d ago

I was really impressed by the audio in Demons Souls

Eidolon60d ago

😭 😡. I have a 4K OLED TV and decent headphones, but I will never know the beauty of Demon's Souls

Viking_mo60d ago

Im guessing you couldn't get a hold of the PS5

Zeke6860d ago

Scalpers sucks ! I hope you get one eventually !!

Eidolon60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I'm going to keep trying. Have $700 just ready for anything I can get(disc version). Still got Black Friday and then the second shipment in December? I will definitely camp GameStop if it's true they'll have stock in-store, and at my location.

SullysCigar60d ago

Fingers crossed for you bud. It's worth the wait, I promise!

Charal60d ago

Seems like Sony has ticked a lot of boxes on all front with PS5.
Architects and engineers must be proud.

Aussiesummer60d ago

Such a beautiful machine. Only gripe is controller battery life, it should be better.