The Xbox Series X Dashboard Feels Last-Gen Despite Improvements

The Mako Reactor says: “While Microsoft has ensured the Xbox dashboard is consistent across generations, it ends up holding the Xbox Series X back more than it should.”

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Jin_Sakai63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

That’s because it’s a last gen UI with a fresh coat of paint. Same for the controller. It’s basically a last gen controller with a share button slapped on it.

PS5 UI was built from the ground up for next gen and the DualSense is new design with adaptive triggers and voice coil actuators.

AngelicIceDiamond63d ago

That's part of having a Eco system. The same UI and functionality across all devices running off the same software. Through out the gen any improvements made with X Series UI, will get the same functions through the rest of other supported devices.

Like I said the last time MS changed their Dashboard they erased all your games apps, lost most of the functionality the 360 had. It all had been lost on X1 in favor of Kinect controls.

It's necessary for Compatibility functions.

mandf63d ago

Explain the 1080p ui screen. Is that needed for compatibility?

Petebloodyonion63d ago

" Explain the 1080p ui screen. Is that needed for compatibility?"
It's already been explained the reason for 1080P is to save memory allocation for feature like Quick resume.
Expect a 4K fix with less games in the quick resume memory.

KingofBandits63d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond thats a really long winded way of saying "because they are LAZY" the core of the OS could have remained the same with a new GUI over top, also for lords sake dump the 1080p max rez on the OS it looks like mircowaved ass on a 4K set lol

nibblo63d ago

And it's nice that you don't have to fork out a bunch of money for extra controllers if you have old ones. Most new features on controllers never get used by 3rd party devs anyway.

headshotfrosty63d ago

Agreed but I feel MS should’ve done an across the board update. Make last gen feel updated not next gen feel back dated.

SullysCigar63d ago

^ not true @nibblo, almost all games on PS5 right now have use of the DualSense features.

One that doesn't is Ass Creed Valhalla, which is possibly due to MS marketing rights and will get patched in post launch.

dcbronco62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@man dumb as f?

Nobody plays a UI. Stop letting people pimp you into believing it's that important.

SmokinAces62d ago

I dont think "Eco systems" and creating a new UI have to be mutually exclsuive.

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alb189963d ago

The thing is that the OS of the xbox is constantly updating so it evolves enough from the one that started that it doesn't need big changes...just keep evolving with constant changes is least for me.
In the case of the controller a lots of people forget about the elite. The elite did a big jump and still is one of the best controllers out there. I think the elite will evolve too and the ones that comes with the console will keep been just basic Wich is fine by me until I try the ones that comes with the PS5. I've been playing a lot with my Series X and the control feels just right and is a peace of mind that I don't have to spend 140 more cause can use my old controllers. I like games that I can play with my family like this new Tetris, what a blast, this Tetris is just really a great game.
I haven't buy yet the PS5, I hope to get one by June 2021, I'm looking forward to play with my family little big planet.

tombfan63d ago

The xbox controller is 3 gens old... at least Sony put the touch thingy on their PS4 controller.

Petebloodyonion62d ago

And actually Ms put something last gen call Impulse trigger
It's distinctive rumble motor in each trigger to provide a feel of realism when can feel the different gun shot, the type of road you are driving and provide some haptic feedback.
Here's the 2013 demo of it

Now the technology sure evolved regarding feedback since 2013 but it's quite funny that nobody used to give a damn about haptic feedback until 2020 when other companies used to have some already.

DaveZero62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Yeah and it isnt nothing special just like when MS released that impulse trigger last gen, it's a Gimick that soon goes on by.

Let's face it I bet alot of you are already turning this function off to save battery, and at some point down the line people will also start complaining it doesnt work anymore because they are flimsy in these controllers.

Give me a normal pad that's sturdy and feels weighted in my hands any day over that duel sense thing, I'll gladly take an elite controller.

Sometimes simple is the best and some things do not need to be changed like the elite controller to stay on top it just has to stay the same, design, feel, layout is just right on that controller.

As if one little feature like duel sense can beat a whole controller and the mad reviews it has gotten since it arrived to market, that's been on top for so long. Let's face it all your doing is talking duel sense, theres no real hype from any of you about the controller itself. You all just say its next gen because it has duel sense in it, such a daft thing to say, like duel sense first arrived on the playstation controller and it was never put into anything else..

tombfan62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

For Pete...

I didn’t even know that, still, the rumble in the triggers is just another small mechanical rumble that spins and make it vibrate, it’s not an amazing piece of tech, just, another small rumble motor in the trigger. Looks like nobody cared about it tho...

Bender650262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The ergonomics of the Xbox controller is still, imo, far superior to anything else available. Of course, the innovative features of the dual sense are to be commended, but that's a different thing.

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Destiny108063d ago

old boring tired and comes riddled with ads, Two tiles, front and center are dedicated to Xbox Game Pass and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

even if you own Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you still get an ads for it

Unlike Sony’s console, you can’t take screenshots of the dashboard and you can’t transfer screenshots or videos via USB either, there is no way to get your moments off your console without an Internet connection

Transitioning from using your TV speakers to headphones for audio is a pain, You’ll need to disable audio via HDMI if you want all your in-game sounds to play through your headphones only. It’s an additional step that doesn’t make it as frictionless as it is on the PS4 wherein plugging in headphones bypasses your TV’s audio output altogether, As for wireless earbuds like AirPods? They won’t work

Network settings on the Xbox Series X are equally lackluster. If you want to connect to a WiFi network and you have an ethernet cable plugged in you’ll be prompted to remove it
Equally perplexing is the inability to save more than one WiFi network even the Nintendo 3DS can hold three

the overall responsiveness of the Xbox OS dashboard feels like the Xbox One X right down to the slight pauses I’d encounter when cancelling or resuming a download or entering into menus

AngelicIceDiamond63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

"old boring tired and comes riddled with ads, Two tiles, front and center are dedicated to Xbox Game Pass and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla"

You mean they're advertising their own service and ACV a game they partnered up with Ubisofts to have marketing rights? MS is advertising games. Burn them down because they're promoting games and GP on their dash. But Cod and Sony are different of course it's from love and rainbows. Or any other platform or console.

Charlieboy33363d ago

Besides the advert part, which for some reason you defend ( I mean who doesn't love ads popping up on their browser/smartphone/CONSOLE ffs ). What about the other 6 very relevant points they brought up? Just gonna gloss over those are we?

Charlieboy33363d ago

Regarding your attempt at an 'argument'. Sony has had marketing rights to a ton of games over many years and not ONCE has an ad for anything shown it's face on my Playstation. In fact, I can guarantee you that no PS owner has had COD shoved in their face via their console in any shape or form unless they are in the damn STORE. Yet here you are proudly proclaiming that this is exactly what Xbox does and you SUPPORT it with a smile. Bud, you are EXACTLY the type of person that MS opinion of your own or standards.....just eat up everything they put in front of you. No questions asked. I mean...Ads.... you love ADS on your console! Beacause MS put them there! So you love it! Not on your tv, no. Not on the radio, no. Not when you're surfing the net, no. But on your Xbox, yeah!! Are you ok?

DeadManMMX63d ago

Never once cared about the ads on Xbox . Even in the 360 era when they were for Doritos. They were little boxes in the corner that took nothing away from the experience for me. It just worked. I don't know why so many people give a crap about ads like that. If it is an unskippable pop up that's one thing. To me those ads made the old gui feel more alive and less static. They were easy to ignore and helped support the business. People just whine and complain about everything.

KingofBandits62d ago

Sony's store icon is the only place youll see that stuff, MS need to do a better job of segregating ad space to less intrusive spots.

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dumahim63d ago

"Unlike Sony’s console, you can’t take screenshots of the dashboard"
I did.

GamerRN63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

You can screenshot the dashboard, not sure why you want to.

You don't have to disable HDMI for headphones to work, that's a lie.

Why would you want to connect to a WiFi off you have ethernet connected. That is the more perplexing to me.

As for ads... 🤷🏼‍♂️ Both consoles should drop ads.

The PlayStation UI is missing a lot and it's hard to navigate. I wanted to let down so I long pressed the PS button like I used to on PS4. It literally did nothing but a beep. So I short press, scroll down, select the power option scroll to rest mode... Ugggghhhhhh

The PlayStation 5 UI feels rushed. I'll have to judge it after 3 months when the inevitable updates hit for both consoles.

Teflon0263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

PS5s UI doesn't feel rushed at all it's just different in approach. The idea is everything is under a menu operable in any situation. The home screen is suppose to be just to launch games, PSN and activity cards. It actually very simple. Just catches off guard because it was mostly the opposite on ps4. Where you went to the home screen to do everything because the quick menu didn't have much and didn't work work the greatest. Me and my cousin were talking about our struggle to find the sleep and power off buttons. Was funny and annoying to find the first time. But once you find it. It really just seems obvious. So obvious you just didn't realize. It's a refreshing UI

Sitdown63d ago

Not going to lie, I had to Google how to turn of the PS5...but then quickly remembered seeing it. I want the long press back.

GamerRN62d ago

For now just give me back the long press to power down...

KingofBandits62d ago

It doesn't feel rushed it just feels new. Things work differently because its a completely new GUI. Yes things will change/improve over time but the PS5 would feel lack luster if it used the same PS4 GUI and functions. Which is why it baffles me how MS could make such a massive oversight for a new product. They are a software company yet they seem to be shoehorned into the same stupid model they follow with Windows 10.

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AngelicIceDiamond63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

@charlie Are you playing games or sitting on the UI with these consoles? Enough of the irrelevant nit picky BS already. I would not know a whole lot considering I don't have an X Series. Everything he's complaining about is incredibly nit picky or downright wrong like how capturing works.

"Unlike Sony’s console, you can’t take screenshots of the dashboard and you can’t transfer screenshots or videos via USB either, there is no way to get your moments off your console without an Internet connection"

You can do this by using the Xbox App. Whatever you capture will be stored on their (your phone) and you can transfer them where ever you like. You can capture the dashboard I dunno why you would want to but OK.

Looking forward to the next irrelevant topics.

Charlieboy33363d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Whether you have an X Series or not, you are still defending the fact MS takes up space on the Xbox UI with adverts ( and this isn't the only example by a longshot. The UI has been constantly infested with this crap all generation ).

AngelicIceDiamond63d ago

"In fact, I can guarantee you that no PS owner has had COD shoved in their face via their console in any shape or form unless they are in the damn STORE. Yet here you are proudly proclaiming that this is exactly what Xbox does and you SUPPORT it with a smile. "

Sure I'm smiling and happy allll the way. Listen This topic is irrelevant I don't care I play games not stress or sweat over dash board adverts like you ever so clearly are. Flaunt it be proud of it wear it as a badge of honor. Tell people about it on the streets will you.

" opinion of your own or standards.....just eat up everything they put in front of you. No questions asked. I mean...Ads.... you love ADS on your console! Beacause MS put them there! So you love it! Not on your tv, no. Not on the radio, no. Not when you're surfing the net, no. But on your Xbox, yeah!! Are you ok?"

That's a question you clearly need to ask yourself....

Charlieboy33363d ago

The only question I need to ask myself is ' why do I keep responding to someone who keeps avoiding giving a direct answer to my comments' do you support ads in the UI or not? Do you have anything to say about the other things the OP mentioned? But back to the question I'm asking myself. The answer is 'no reason at all'. All the best...

Atticus_finch63d ago

For a software giant MS sure sucks at making software.

someone7263d ago

1. The ads are organic and fill the screen, I do recognize im in the minority, but i enjoy them.

2. Who does this? I took a screen shot and it was instantly on my phone in high quality where I was able to transfer it anywhere I wanted. Transferring screenshots is way simpler on the series x|s than the ps5. (Process = push share button, open xbox app, save/share file)

3. It’s factually incorrect to say you have to bypass anything to get audio in your headphones. I play all the time with a headset and the two presses it takes to get into and adjust the chat mixer and get all audio is simpler than making the 3+ press adjustments in the ps5. I honestly have no idea where you even got this from.

4. There are just as many options on the xbox as the ps5 for network settings. Its pretty much identical. I have not tested the two use cases you mentioned, so im not going to contest them, but i will ask why it’s necessary to have multiple saved wifi profiles on a console? On the 3ds it makes sense, as its portable and your joining different networks, but a home console thats meant to be fixed? You either have a poor network configuration or for some odd reason your packing up the console and hauling it around which is silly.

Finally, responsiveness is purely subjective. The series x|s dashboard has absolutely no lag and zips right through, just like the ps5.

For reference, I have a ps pro, ps5, 3ds, series s, series x , xb one s, and xb one x. (And many others, but these are related to this post)

DaveZero62d ago

Your wrong on all of that you know, especially the response of the dashboard, it's like lightning with a series S and even faster with a series X.
Sounds like your a Fanboy who doesnt own the xbox making up a story of hate to be fair, theres alot of you that do that on this site.

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Father__Merrin63d ago

Find there's far too many button presses to get to things

darthv7263d ago

Maybe Im used to it but I sign in, go to games/apps and pick a game to play. Its pretty easy

Father__Merrin63d ago

If you do that's it's simple enough but try goto storage then view contents to move to external HDD or even view installed modules it's much faffing about. But overall I like it seems new to me as last time I had xbox it was a previous dash ui

Gunstar7563d ago

Yep. I don't hang out in the UI... weirdos these kids lol

Teflon0263d ago


You do realize it shouldn't be 2 seconds to get to that menu right? But even so.its not a hassle. Just click settings at the top right and you're basically there. They streamlined the options menu alot

KingofBandits62d ago

the best Xbox OS was the original 360 blades. You can't change my mind

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CaptainHenry91663d ago

Not going to lie but it does look last gen. Microsoft just cared more about Teraflops and making sure they have the most powerful console

darthv7263d ago

You can see what is installed where by way of the games/apps screen. by default you see all the games but you can choose to filter by installed location or by type of console the game was for. And moving games is as easy as pressing the menu button while you have a game highlighted and choose manage game and add-ons. You can see all there is to see about that game and move it to where you want it.

I keep all XBO (and older) games on an external hdd so I always know where those are (plus i like to move that drive between systems).

Charlieboy33363d ago

@Gunstar...It's the simple things that all add up...

Sirk7x62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Add games you're actively playing to your Pins if you're going digital. Will save you a great deal of time.

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willykyu63d ago

I agree. I play with the series X for a week now , and I hate the UI. Ugly and overly complicated. I have not much complaint with the games and the overall fluidity, but really not a pleasure to use. At least Game pass is a blast, and it’s so quiet and cool to browse all these games I their superb rendition.

darthv7263d ago

overly complicated....? You sound like you are new to xbox one. It is very easy to get around and do stuff.

Challengerscatpack63d ago

Dude, no it isn’t. I first bought the Xbox one when MCC came out. I hated the UI so much and MCC was so broken upon release plus all the updates and everything else, it was infuriating. I packed it back up and returned it to the store I hated it so much, I didn’t buy another one until 2016-17. I stuck with my PS4 for most of the entire generation.

I still hate the UI. I’m used to it now but I still don’t enjoy it.

willykyu63d ago

I had every Xbox except the first one, but you are right. I’m new again every time.
And I never understood Xbox UI. And I sold my Xbox one X a long time ago before the last update. I thought it would be better and easier to use. Definitely not made for me.
I still like my Xbox series X Very much. Wonderful high quality games jukebox. So much nostalgia from the list of the game pass games available. And I purchased Conker Reloaded again ! What a gem !

SmokinAces62d ago

Or maybe he's not new at all and just finds it overly complicated.

JustTheFax62d ago

There isn't even a way to search for Series X exclusive games or enhanced games. It will tell if they are, but you can't search for those specifically. Really lame

DaveZero62d ago

The games you own you can hold start on, go to manage games and if there is a Series S or X upgrade version it will be in the list of downloadable content. Its quick and easy, done in a couple of seconds.

As for what you say, MS will no doubt add something like that down the line as next gen games that have been built up start rolling out from there new devs. Really though it's not tough or rocket science to find out what games for a console developer are getting a next gen upgrade. Usually on these site you learn what games are coming out, being remastered or getting an upgrade way before they actually get the upgrade, remaster or release.

I just think theres alot of not picking going on, especially from Sony fans who have to try somehow justify there console is better. Now some will make the comment that it is and that's okay go about enjoying it and then I'll say to you why do you always need to bring negativity to xbox because it really is sad. Regardless of what people say xbox and sonys consoles are here to stay and you can be mad at the world because the console you dont own is doing alright. No matter the hate you bring the xbox will always be there sticking it to you Fanboys with a laugh saying you can't get rid of me.

JustTheFax62d ago

@DaveZero You are ridiculous. I think it is hilarious that depending on which console I am criticizing, I am either a ps fanboy or xbox fanboy. I am a fanboy of GAMES. I have an RTX 3080, Xbox Series X, and a PS5 that I haven't even opened yet. I have been using my 3080 because it offers a better experience than either of the new consoles, and the new consoles don't even have any exclusive games out yet. You can make excuses all you want, but the reason xbox doesn't have that feature in their search is because they know it will look pathetic when customers see they have no xbox series x exclusives. This is coming from someone who likes the Series X more than the PS5 right now. So deal with it.

Tankbusta4063d ago

I have been enjoying my time with it...