The State of Stadia – where is Google’s streaming platform as it hits its one year anniversary?

TSA writes: While November 19th 2020 is set to be a big day for gaming in the UK thanks to the release of the highly sought-after PlayStation 5, it also marks the one year anniversary for another gaming platform. Google’s Stadia streaming service is set to complete its first circuit around the Sun on the same day, and it’s fair to say that the overall feeling about it in the gaming community remains tepid at best. It’s now under attack from all sides, with new home consoles to the left and upstart new game streaming rivals to the right, but with a still unique spread of features and a slowly growing library of games, can there still be a place for Stadia in the future of gaming?

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Einhander197158d ago

In the bargain bin as far as I'm concerned.