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Godfall's monotonous structure is held together by punchy combat that can't bear the full weight.

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Sitdown111d ago

Guess your didn't take time to read the article, because 5 for them is listed as "mediocre".

phoenixwing111d ago

mediocre is synonymous with average

Sitdown111d ago

Don't know where you live, but for the rest of the world, that's wrong.

Bladesfist111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

@Sitdown I've always thought it meant average or middle of the pack, If it's a cultural thing I am from the UK

According to the oxford dictionary it means "not very good; of only average standard" with these synonyms "ordinary, common, commonplace, indifferent, average".

111d ago
Hellcat2020111d ago

I've been enjoying it so far but maybe I'll have a different opinion once I finish it
But one thing for sure is that this game looks really good in terms of graphics

Psychotica111d ago

I am having fun with it too and like you said the graphics are really good.

Saranya111d ago

OK, I'm calling it's GODFAILED.

SmokinAces111d ago

Cool I'll check it out when it inevitably comes to PS Plus.

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The story is too old to be commented.