Three Things We Want from the Next Mass Effect

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming Writes: "It’s been a good few days for Mass Effect fans. BioWare’s space-saga will continue on with a new offering and while we only have a brief screenshot to look at until both companies are ready to show off the next big title in the sci-fi epic, we do have a few things in which we want to see in place for this upcoming instalment. There will be a ton of pressure on both BioWare and EA this time around and we’ve come up with three safe bests as to what we want for the next Mass Effect title to feature in hopes that it delivers on the expectation and the quality of the franchises’ previous instalments."

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instantstupor60d ago

Side ramble about Mass Effect:

I'm playing Mass Effect: Andromeda right now - finally pulled it out of the backlog. I got it for $4 on Origin a while back, and I've got to's pretty decent. I expected to hate it, but I'm having fun for the most part. I do hate the menu interface, which feels cluttered & makes keeping quests in order a bit awkward, but it's pretty good overall. I think the fact I paid so little and missed all the launch problems simply changes the expectations & experience, but it isn't the complete failure of a game that I got the impression it might be.

Arikv260d ago

The story is what kills me. It's like a B-movie version of Mass Effect.

instantstupor60d ago

I hear that. I guess the unfortunate reality is that I've become kind of numb to video game stories. While there are always a few exceptions, I find most game stories are either poorly told, or just range from bad to boring. I basically just need the scenario to make enough sense to string the game along, not be actively bad, and then not overindulge itself.

But you're right, upon reflection, the story definitely is a solid step down from the previous ME games. It doesn't make me cringe, like some games definitely have, but it definitely isn't engaging enough compared to what we got from this studio not all that long ago.

TricksterArrow60d ago

Agreed. After my third mission fetching ingredients for some random drink while I'm the freaking Pathfinder and amidst a war... It really broke immersion. There is no sense of urgency or pace to this game. Not bad, not great... It's just... boring. And that is the worst offense a videogame can have for me. Give me a terrible game (like Deadly Premonition or Rule of Rose), but if it is remotely interesting, I'll power through the *****y gameplay/story, but boring? No can do.

medman59d ago

You beat me to it, probably by a few months....Andromeda is still in my backlog, but it's moving it's way to the top of the pile at warp speed. I actually stopped gaming for about two-three months mostly because I got very busy, but also waiting to resume gaming on ps5. The ps5 arrived and I'm back in something fierce. Feels great.

zsquaresoff60d ago

Faster load times, especially on the first game, those elevator rides are miserable.

instantstupor60d ago

Well, at least with the new storage tech in both consoles we can say, with certainty, faster load times are definitely going to be a feature of the next ME game.

sourOG60d ago

Make it like the first game. There is a common pattern with EA. The first game is amazing, the second has better mechanics but loses the magic the first had, the third is a complete hack job and cash grab. Go back to a time before EA f***ed it up and it will be gold.

TricksterArrow60d ago

I actually like all three Mass Effects. They compliment each other nicely. I also like the ending, although when it first came out (without the patches) it was pretty poor and confusing. And one extra ending, even if not canon, of humanity actually being able to fight back based on your Galaxy Readiness being 100% would've been awesome, but I digress.

As for Dragon Age, only the first is good. 2 is terrible and 3 is boring (albeit better).

sourOG60d ago

Mass effect 3 was better than most of their 3s but it still has that EA stink on it. The multiplayer and whatnot. I never even played the mp lol.

CorndogBurglar60d ago

Mass Effect 3 was still a great game. The ending left a lot to be desired, but I would hardly call it a "hack job".

sourOG60d ago

I disagree. It’s no andromeda but it’s no Me1 or Me2 either.