Astro's Playroom is Sony's Perfect Answer to Nintendo Nostalgia

Many expected Astro's Playroom to be a tech demo, sitting in the shade of industry-shaking console pack-ins like Wii Sports. Instead, Sony's bot-filled platformer comes closer to matching the best of Nintendo than anyone could have guessed. Taking place over four main courses, each tracing the lineage of PlayStation history, Astro's Playroom takes you on a whimsical, self-referential odyssey through time.

SullysCigar933d ago

Astro Bot is the bet Mario game in years, but fresher!

solideagle933d ago

Astro bot will never get free pass from media the way Nintendo gets it.

Scapton933d ago

Can't wait to play this. I am happy Astrobot has become one of the forefront Playstation mascots. I reckon future titles are an inevitability.

Neonridr933d ago

name me a true 3D Mario game that wasn't fun and impressive though.

generic-user-name933d ago

Yup, it'd be way higher than 83 on meta right now if it starred an Italian plumber.

talocaca933d ago

I hope Sony realizes how much potential this series has.

The VR game was truly spectacular (one of my favorite games ever) and Astros Playroom is also really enjoyable. The final level alone is the perfect love letter to fans.

Hopefully more to come from Astro Bot with more bosses (the true highlights of the games).

KingofBandits932d ago

The slight touches to the end were enough to make you tear up at the nostalgia. this game was beautifully executed

lifeisgamesok933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

I knew this would anger you Xbox guys

dcbronco931d ago

Whose angry. The very idea is stupid. Just another thing that is glorified by Ponies but will quickly be tossed aside. It's a demo marketed as a demo. Not a future sales driver. But sheep dream as they're being counted so carry on.

lifeisgamesok931d ago

@dcbronco It's a game not a demo it has platforming and it's 4-5 hours long and people have really been enjoying it. There's also more Astrobot coming, announced on the PS blog

Relientk77933d ago

I'm almost done with Astro's Playroom and I already want to play a now. Glad Sony got another great platformer on their hands

Aussieguy933d ago

It sure is an awesome and very surprisingly fun game and very polished game.
I was expecting this to be like a training game how to use the controller, but its so much more then that.

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