Cool Reversible Box Art for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Features Female Eivor

This was totally unnecessary for UbiSoft to do, but it is a great touch to include and alternative box art for those who want it.

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RaidenBlack218d ago

Does it state anywhere that its a reversible cover for the uninformed?

-Foxtrot218d ago

I like the fact they made out she was canon yet all the marketing from gameplay walkthroughs to CGI trailers has been the male version.

This isn't me being bothered...oh God no, I think the male version looks and fits better with the Viking era but I do find it hilarious, another Ubisoft move.

ziggurcat218d ago

Both are canon - there isn't any one version of the character that is more than the other.

217d ago
GamerBeast1982217d ago

Well i had to pick the male version in my playthough as big though viking warrior does not scream female too me.

217d ago
gaffyh217d ago

I'm undecided on who to pick, got the game for PS5 already, but PS5 consoles don't come out until Thursday! I want to choose the female version to be different, but she seems so out of place that it may be immersion breaking.

Xristo216d ago

You can switch between the two at any time.