Observer: System Redux is Simply Better on PS5 Than Xbox Series X

Thanks to a ray tracing toggle and more, the PS5 version of Observer: System Redux is notably better than its Xbox Series X counterpart.

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SullysCigar211d ago

Even without the ray tracing toggle though, the PS5 controller has been well utilised in this game and would surely make it the best way to play on it's own.

The devs did an interview recently where they went through some examples of how they'd used the tech and it's pretty inventive stuff. Perfect for this kind of game.

Seems it's pretty easy to implement. It's good to see devs not only understanding the benefits, but fully getting involved from the get-go.

Jin_Sakai211d ago

Words can’t describe how great the DualSense is. People really need to experience it themselves to understand.

Babadook7211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I honestly think the DS is a reason to go with the PS5 versions when used well like this. If there is a valid explanation for why the PS5 outperforms here (by this much), it likely is due to PS5 having significantly easier and more mature dev tools in the early days of the new gen. You'll always notice it in smaller studios the most.

NEXUS-6211d ago

I think the Dualsense negates any perceived 'advantage in 3rd party titles' xsx was supposed to have.

It is a noticeable advantage between the 2 consoles when it comes to 3rd party games.

211d ago
-Foxtrot211d ago


This is just the start of next gen, give it a few years and we might see some creative ways third party developers can push the features.

Give me some cool ways to play and I'll be getting that version instead.

Nodoze211d ago

With a majority of consoles being gobbled up by scalpers, unfortunately many will be waiting a long long time to try.

lio_convoy211d ago

Playroom really shows how amazing it can be when used properly. I had no idea until I fired that up. It's a game changer and I can't wait to see more games use the tech in the future.

Evan_Beezy211d ago

I know just imagine if it had split style analog sticks

Babadook7211d ago

Imagine if Xbox guys had a valid criticism this gen.

UltraNova211d ago

The real differentiator between the two systems other than the games is the controller. Dualsense is the real deal.

I wonder how long it will take MS to react and issue an xbox controller with ps5-lke haptics and adaptive triggers and pretend it's their idea somehow.

Scapton211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

For me, if a game comes to Gamepass, I'll play it on PC or XBSX. If not I'll prioritise getting games on the PS5 that support the Dualsense's features. :)

Aussiesummer210d ago

I'm just not that wowed by it. I simply forget about it while I'm playing.

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Popsicle211d ago

Agreed @Nexus. If developers continue to utilize the Dualsense then Microsoft will need to develop a similar haptic feedback controller. If differences are nominal between two versions of games, I will elect for the version that utilizes the Dualsense every time.

bouzebbal211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

We're still waiting for a VR from xbox. Those guys have the wrong sense of innovation.. Obsessed with power, and leaving gaming value behind. Nintendo destroys them with old gen hardware

DarXyde211d ago

In general, I think people would go for the experience that's provides a better experience. That's different depending on who you ask though. Purely anecdotal, but I hate first-person games. In the absence of something that enhances the experience in a meaningful way, I don't care about it, period. In the past 2 generations, there are only 2 first person experiences that I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and P.t. When Corruption launched on Wii, it was just a new experience. Hadn't been done before, and for that reason—because it offered that sense of immersion that was groundbreaking at the time—it is my favorite Metroid Prime in the series. Likewise, P.t. is simply a legendary, novel experience that's yet to really be replicated or expanded upon (I don't count Allison Road).

That all being said, I might understand preferring the Series X version of games if the experience is the best for some people (whatever that means to you: online, friends list, game pass, etc.). To me, the PS5 looks fantastic enough visually and is not at all far from Series X in terms of power (as I very often mention, 2 TF difference in gen 8 is not the same as now—not only because it isn't even a full 2 TF, but we've entered the territory of diminishing returns, PS5 is easier to extract peak or closer to peak performance from, it's a very well-synergized device, and developers seem to have a preference for it). So I ask: what's most important to the gaming experience? For me, it's immersion. Not because Sony says so, but I don't really care about online play (which Microsoft has always prioritized, but it sounds like PS5 online is still a very solid experience), I really enjoy the Switch so power is a nonissue to me (and I'd have a PC if I cared that much) and of course, that Dualsense is the total immersion factor (though the battery life is apparently disappointing, but that's not likely to be a massive issue to me since I don't really have time to play for extended sessions—that, and they'll likely revise the controller by the time I'm able to secure a PS5).

What makes the experience is different, but I'm quite pleased with what PS5 is putting down, at least from afar. I don't really care about Series X because it really does everything it did before, but better. A natural extension of Xbox One. PS5 is somewhere between conventional and evolutionary, and I think that's going to make the experience for me. Here's hoping developers put those lovely haptics and adaptive triggers to good use very often, exclusive or not.

Anyway, my two cents.

gamer7804211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

this would be like saying because of the impulse triggers last gen a game is better on the xbox one or because of the xbox elite 2 controller this gen... that said, due to the extra raytracing that would put this title visually over the xbox series x regardless of which controller you prefer.

NealGamby211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Spoken like someone who has yet to try a PS5 game with its controller. Impulse triggers and adaptive triggers are not even, remotely, comparable. It’s not even the same technology. Adaptive blows them away.

S2Killinit211d ago

But the dualsense is not just slightly better. Last gen, xbox one controller’s impulse triggers were not a significant enough difference to make a big impact. Dualsense is different. Not to mention that a number of games are actually looking better on PS5.

Zeref211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


"Not comparable" or "blows them away"

Which is it.

You're saying apples aren't the same as oranges but apples are better. How can something be better if they're not really the same thing?
Whether it's better or not is entirely subjective.

I've seen plenty of people that don't care for the DualSense at all. Seems to me like it's overhyped because a certain competing console is more powerful and will have more exclusives 🤔

Tody_ZA211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I just logged in to say that I've been here for many, many years and I have got to say that your comments are among the most ignorant I have ever read on this site.

"Will have more exclusives"

Demon's Souls
Astro's Playroom
Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Ghost of Tsushima
The Last of Us 2

That's 7 exclusives this year alone. Traditional exclusives, in the sense that you can't play them anywhere else. Arguably 3 of these titles are considered the best games to release this year, and you can potentially make an argument for 2 of them as being among the best this generation.

That's the quantity AND quality battle won.

Next year is Horizon 2 and God of War: Ragnarok.

Do you think anyone other than you, with a straight face, can believe that Xbox poses an exclusive threat to PlayStation or Nintendo when it has yet to reveal a single show-stopping game from its new studios other than Hellblade 2 which was already in development anyway?

Dating back to the "22 exclusives" talk of Phil, quality is what matters.

Xbox may someday have "more" exclusives in a period after all the acquisitions, but until you can show me the system seller, all fanboying aside, Xbox isn't even in the exclusive conversation that Sony and Nintendo are in.

As for the power talk, the irony of you speaking about "overhype" is somehow lost on you. The power difference is unlikely to ever be noticed by 99% of the gaming audience because of console parity i.e developers striving to make the various versions of the game look close enough. Without exclusives to really use the Series X's power, its small power advantages will probably almost never be realised.

Are you really going to forget the PS2, Wii, PS4, Gameboys, Switch etc. and all other instances where power has mattered absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things?

The Wood211d ago

Guys like the two diehards have very little ammo left. It's getting kinda weird to watch. The selective reasoning, bias and wilful ignorance is beyond banter. All camps have them so don't get me wrong but this is going to be a long gen of deflect, downplays and u turns for some fr fr

CaptainHenry916211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I've been hearing a lot of 🐂💩 lately from people that hasn't tried a duelsense controller

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen210d ago

You have no idea what the dualsense actually does do you?

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alextdarling211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I dont understand why ray tracing hasnt been added as an option on both consoles, I hope it gets added soon.

Ive just checked the Xbox store and it has the ray tracing tag... Can anyone proof check this article?

DerfDerf211d ago

They've already showed an xbox series x gameplay video where they highlight the next gen additions and the game very much has ray tracing you should check it out.

SirBruce211d ago

And it is too similar to the game on PS5, but under 30 fps... Ray Tracing on consoles is a problem, right now, until drivers and developers understand how to ride it.

GamesAsAService210d ago

@SirBruce, ya I think developers should aim for really good Global Illumination like in the unreal 5 demo from many months ago. If that solution can look as good as it did but not be as computationally intensive as full on ray tracing, I would rather have the additional frames.

GaboonViper211d ago

But but but BlueIsViolet and Mister X have CONFIRMED, because they are such tech experts and "Insiders", that PS5 is so weak it can't do real ray tracing, i wonder what the excuse will be now, clearly media bias at work here right???

On topic this game is really well done and a great upgrade, Rutger Hauer is a legend.

throne211d ago

nah, they're going with...."the tools aren't ready yet" now

RgR211d ago

And probably, "wait till next year"

TheScotsman211d ago

@ throne and RgR, exactly, wait till next year comes next year after the tools are ready lol

TheTony316211d ago

Just wait, MS will surelly announce new dev tools at E3 next year.

Smclaren1985211d ago

Yeah or wait for the performance delta to improve as the dev kits devs had where inferior. I’ve heard that allot. I get my ps5 on Thursday I really wanted a series x too as I genuinely thought cross platforms would be better but every single one so far has performed better on ps5. Im really starting to think there’s no point getting one now. At least not until much later

Rhythmattic211d ago

But hasn't MS got the Tools refined? Its all Based on the DX API. An API MSA themselves have developed... The real problem surely is a matter of leaving no gamer behind... Like the Decision to push the Series X as the only RDNA2 console.... where the SOC remains attached to the PC desktop Counterpart.... That surely keeps compatibility at its maximum.... Thus the tools surley are matured.

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RosweeSon211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I was grabbing this moment I saw it the £24.99 price tag also really helps. Defo my second game purchase after ultimate Spider-Man, mainly for miles but I’ll blast Spider-Man again observer looks really cool tho and I’ll take £25 for a game that isn’t yearly churned over the assassins cod’s fifas which I can pick up in 6 months for £15/20 each 🤷🏻‍♂️😜

AnotherGamer211d ago

Seems performance differ for each game on ps5 and xbox series X.